Reclamation and land reclamation

Insufficient local housing needs to be solved urgently. When attending an occasion on the occasion of the occasion, the Chief Executive Lam Yuet-soo talked about the reclamation issue. He hoped that environmentalists could pay attention to the children living in the mortuary. As a result, they were concerned that the mortuary groups came out to respond and said that the statement was the same as antagonizing the housing and environmental groups. In the difficult problems of the land, good people are hard to do.

Concerned groups want to be good

The current government has set up a task force for the purpose of resolving the problem. After collecting opinions, no public consultation has been initiated. However, in the consultation process, sparks have been sparked, and it has been considered that the use of military land as an option will almost certainly cause sparks. Some members sigh in private and are not easy to carry out. Such a heavy task makes it difficult for the team to bear.

It took some time for the group to collect opinions and complete consultations. It still took some time to complete. However, there have been many voices in the community that reclamation is almost an inevitable choice. In the past, reclamation has always been the main source of housing land. Apart from reclamation in the urban areas, reclamation in the New Territories in Sha Tin and Kwai Chung to create new towns is a method of building large numbers of houses. However, in recent years, large-scale reclamation has almost stopped. This is a major cause of the shortage of land supply.

The stoppage of reclamation is a major cause of the lack of land. This has to be studied by the group and the answer is written on the wall as early as possible. People in the political arena said that a few days ago, Lin Zheng also made public announcements to environmental groups. He hoped that they were aware of the situation of the residents of the mortuary houses. The relevant statements believed that many people waiting for the opinions of the people upstairs had reflected their wishes. . There are major lands to be built up and buildings to be up, but bad people do not ask me to do it.

The Chief Executive is in a hurry

Paying attention to the attitudes of the mortuary groups is a reflection of the current phenomenon in society. Everyone must occupy a moral highland. This is unfair and injustice. In the end, it becomes a matter of not eating meat and ignoring the hardships of the people. If the environmental protection groups object to reclamation, waiting for the upstairs dormitory households to say that filling in the sea is not related to me, will the final land issue be resolved automatically? This also explains why there are members of the Deaf group who are worried that they will do archery targets.

The Chief Executive proposes that there is no place to fill the sea and that it is an urgent need for the residents to reclaim the sea. From the reactions of the concerned groups, how many can be expected? It is easier said than done. People in the political arena think that if this is the case, does the SAR Government have to do it as soon as possible, and it will be better for the government to speed up its efforts than to be stopped by a verbal battle?