Cai Zhizhong expects to reduce the price of spicy food

In recent years, the real estate industry has proposed that the government reduce the hot money. Investor Cai Zhizhong (see photo) stated that people often complain about the high property prices in Hong Kong and hope that property prices can fall so that everyone can buy a car. However, according to past historical experience, property prices are often falling during the economic downturn. When the financial crisis emerges, the unemployment rate rises, and the interest rate cycle comes, property prices will fall, but at that time, the people’s income will be less, and mortgages will be reduced. The burden has increased. How many people are bold enough to enter the market?

He expected that if the economy is in a sluggish state and the market conditions become very poor, the government will reduce the price of the property market. No matter how the hot tricks are cut, property prices will fall. With such a high property price today, the authorities have no courage to reduce their hot spots. Second-hand buildings cannot be released. Developers’ new building prices are very aggressive and drive overall property prices upward again.