Zhu Tailian fills the sea to move upstairs and relocates He Zhuguo’s lecture is approved

Speaking of the birthday of Aung San Chau Hung Sang Po, I believe you must be familiar with her name. Cui Chuiyue, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Honorary President of the Affluence Commune in Ap Lei Chau, was unable to attend Hung Shengbao’s birthday because of a collision between the two parties. Yesterday Zhu too had a hard time to participate in and talked with the media. He also expressed support for He Zhuguo, member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and the government. Should reclamation and move prisons away to release more land for the public to purchase.

Mr. Zhu Taihua agreed that public speaking before his birthday would result in too high property prices. He should consider increasing land through other means, such as reclamation or moving prisons to the Mainland, so that more land can be developed. Zhu Taidu feels that in fact, prisons occupy a lot of places. They can refer to the transfer of women’s prisons to the boundary between Sheung Shui and Lo Wu.

Zhu Tai also said that it is difficult for young people to buy a home for a house. If you have just graduated from school, even if the two in-laws have worked for more than ten years, it is not easy to buy a house during the beheading period, and they all have the opportunity to purchase property. Foreigners may have no problems renting buildings for the first time. However, the Chinese concept has a comfortable nest and hopes that the government can allow young people to re-establish their home ownership hopes.

Zhu Tai pointed out that the government has different committees and opportunities for young people to develop in employment or innovation and technology. However, no one has discussed the sandwich class. If they have not yet reached the age of 40 and count young people, they have made a lot of contributions to the society. The government should have more Take care of this group of people.