MALIBU pushes 180 more for $22,000

In the case of Wheelock Properties (0020), Tengjunao MALIBU of Tseung Kwan O once again pushed a new price list No. 8 to provide 180 customers. The increase is no more than 2%, and the average discount price is 17,375. The batch of units is expected to be released around Easter time.

Huang Guangyao, managing director of the Wheelock Group, said that this time, the additional units include 105 two-bedroom households, 43 three-bedroom households and 23 four-bedroom households, and there are five groups and four groups of rooftop and platform-specific households. The unit area is 435 to 1,087 sq ft, the price is priced at 9.968 to 25.064 million yuan, the price is priced at 19,080 to 26,706 yuan, the average price is 22,132 yuan, and the discounted price is 7.825 million yuan to 196.66 million yuan. The price is 14,978 to 20,965 yuan, and the discounted average price is 17,375 yuan.