Government’s list of priorities for review Chen Jianbo’s progress

In order to expedite the approval progress of public expenditure, the government submitted to the Finance Committee of the Legislative Council a list of basic project items for priority review yesterday, relating the reconstruction of the hospital, the budget of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, etc. to the people’s livelihood and urgency agenda. Into it. The chairman of the Finance Committee, Chen Jianbo, and the “Squad leader" Liao Changjiang of the organizational system, will meet with the opposition today to discuss the order of the various projects. The Democratic Party has already welcomed the government’s arrangements.

The Finance Committee reviewed the progress of the funding program, and under the “Rab" of the opposition, the “great traffic jam" directly affected the infrastructure projects of economic development and people’s well-being. In order to improve this situation, the Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, met with the establishment and opposition parties and after consultations decided to reorganize the funding application submitted to the Finance Committee so that the Finance Committee could pass as many as possible during the remainder of the current year. s project.

According to the list of priority deliberation projects submitted by the government to the Finance Committee yesterday, the redevelopment plans of the hospitals of Notre Dame, Grantham, Mary and Guanghua, and the construction of a new emergency hospital in the Kai Tak Development Area were classified as “Compared” “Emergency Projects"; The pre-development project of the Lok Ma Chau Loop and the approved budget for raising the project of the main bridge of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge are also listed on the list and have been designated as “urgent but controversial projects."

Chairman of the Finance Committee Chen Jianbo expressed that he hopes that the Finance Committee will handle more funding projects through the communication with the opposition today.

The Chairman of the Public Works Group, Lu Weiguo, said that he is considering adding an additional meeting on Saturday to expedite the progress of the agenda and calling for parliamentarians to deliberately consider the project. The Chairman of the DAB, Li Huiqiong, said that the Finance Committee now has a huge backlog of agendas and hopes that Members will not deliberately hinder the meeting. If in doubt, they can communicate with the government in advance. The chairman of the Democratic Party, Hu Zhiwei, welcomes the government’s “easy-to-follow" approach.