No fear of the United States to raise interest rates Two formalities The first city of Sha Tin smashed the price of 20,000

the new disk hot-sucking customers affected second-hand transactions. The statistics of the four largest agencies in Hong Kong show that the number of transactions on the last Saturday was between 7 and 15. The United States announced an increase in interest rates, but it will not affect the continued high turnover of property transactions in Hong Kong. On Saturday, Sha Tin First City in the New Territories and New Hong Kong City in Ma On Shan recorded top-down transactions. The transaction price of the first-city unit was closer to 20,000 yuan. The agency in Maanshan indicated that there were no vehicles in the area below 6 million yuan. plate.

According to market news, the top floor of 52 Sha Tin City with two bedrooms on the roof was sold for 5.63 million yuan, and the saleable area was 284 square feet. The practical price was 19,824 yuan, which was close to 20,000 yuan. The price of the new housing estate was a new high, and it could be expensive. Area. The original owner purchased the unit for $1.7 million in July 2009, earning a net profit of RMB 3.9 million. The value of his holdings has risen by more than 2.3 times in the past nine years.

New Home Ownership Used Subtraction

In addition, U.S. Liang Ronggui said that due to the sharp rise in the price floor, private housing estates under 6 million in Maanshan have been exiled. In the district’s index housing estates, the high-rise Building 7 in Block N of Newport City recently recorded a transaction. It was a two-bedroom space with a saleable area of ​​337 square feet. It was sold for 6.02 million yuan, and the practical price was 17,864 yuan, setting a new record for housing estates. The original owner bought in September 2009 for 1.86 million yuan, with a profit of approximately 4.16 million yuan, an appreciation of more than 2.2 times.

Chen Yongjie, vice president and president of Centaline Asia Pacific, said that after the United States announced its first weekend of interest rate increase and the outbreak of trade war between China and the United States, the global stock market crashed, posing a psychological pressure on buyers. Many buyers are hesitant to enter the market and have turned to wait and see. Tseung Kwan O sells a lot of new hands, and the new phase of HOS flats will soon accept applications. The pace of second-hand transactions will slow down in the new market and home ownership, but the transaction volume is still expected to maintain double digits on Saturday. The top ten housing estates in the Central Plains recorded 15 transactions on Saturdays, down 16.7% from the previous week.

According to the statistics of the United States of America, there were 14 sales transactions in the top ten housing estates on the past Saturday, down 26.3% from the previous week. Wu Shaoming, chief executive of Midland’s residential property division, said that although the United States raised the interest rate by 0.25 percent, Hong Kong stocks and peripheral economies fluctuate, but generally buyers are optimistic about the outlook, and have already expected the interest rate to rise in the future, so the impact on the property market is limited. Looking forward to the good atmosphere of the property market in April, under the pretext of grabbing second-hand tourists, second-hand housing estates will inevitably continue to be under pressure.

China and the United States conflict trade war buyers wait and see

Liao Weiqiang, president of Lijiage Real Estate, pointed out that the market is watching the development of the Sino-US trade war, or renewal of global stock market volatility. As a result, some buyers temporarily slow down and wait for an opportunity to deploy. Looking at the new market, buyers are still active in the market. The United States has not followed interest rate hikes in Hong Kong. Therefore, it has limited impact on the market. The overall market sentiment is still good, especially with one hand. Rieger Club recorded 13 second-hand deals in the ten housing estates on the past Saturday, down 23.5% from the previous week.

Lee Chi-cheng, chief executive of Hong Kong Real Estate, believes that people’s desire to buy their homes is not affected by the increase in interest rates in the United States. This shows that the demand for home buyers has continued. In recent days, Hong Kong stocks have fluctuate, prompting individual citizens to invest funds in the property market. They believe that they have confidence in the future market and they are willing to buy. The family will accelerate the pace of entering the market, and it is expected that the price will remain stable. According to Hong Kong Statistics, a total of about 10 transactions were recorded in the ten housing estates on the past Saturday and decreased by approximately 41.7%.