MALIBU Price Increase 2% plus 180 Partners

The new sales plan of MALIBU, a joint venture of Wheelock Properties in Tseung Kwan O, is also available. The developer added another 180 to the project yesterday. The unit area was 435 square feet to 1,087 square feet, and the price was raised by no more than 2%. The discounted average price was 17,374 yuan. It is expected that the fastest easter sale will be made. The total number of 1,600 projects is now 1,570, and the standard units are almost fully launched. The remaining 30 will be tendered after Easter.

Pushing Standard Households to Easter

The project sold 321 vehicles in the fifth round last Saturday, sold 313 vehicles and cashed in 3 billion yuan. Together with the previous four rounds of sales, 1,382 vehicles were sold, accounting for 99% of 1,390 units sold, and over 12.2 billion yuan was cashed out. . Developers hit the heat, adding 180 to yesterday’s push, accounting for more than 70% of the extremely high-level units, most of which are located in the first seat, with 67 rooms in 2 rooms, 38 rooms in 2 rooms and 3 rooms, 43 rooms in 3 rooms and half rooms. , 4 bedrooms and 23 gangs, and there are also 9 gangs with even terraces or rooftop specials. The remaining 30 family-owned units and extremely high-rise four-bedroom units will be sold by tender after Easter.

The newly added 180 groups have a saleable area of ​​435 square feet to 1,087 square feet. The overall selling price has been adjusted upwards by about 2%, the price list price is 9.968 million yuan to 25.064 million yuan, and the price list price is 19,080 yuan to 26,706 yuan. The average price of the price list was 22,132 yuan; the market value of the price list was about 2.661 billion yuan. The project provided a discount of up to 21.5%. The discounted selling price was from 7.825 million yuan to 19.766 million yuan, which represented a discount of 14,978 yuan to 20,965 yuan, and the average discount price was 17,374 yuan.

The newly added 180 partners have begun collecting tickets yesterday. Huang Guangyao, managing director of Wheelock Real Estate, said that he is currently talking to the MTR Corporation about the time for sales and is expected to launch the market around Easter. He said that in the first quarter of this year, the company has sold more than 1,600 people and cashed in about 16.8 billion yuan, nearly 1,300 people sold and about 17 billion yuan cash realized last year.

NAPA three-room households increase by 10%

As for the company’s NAPA in Tuen Mun, there are also new arrangements. There are still 50 gangs in the project, and it is close to the occupation period. Therefore, an updated price list was uploaded yesterday, mainly adjusting the selling price of three-bedroom units, and the rate of increase was about 10%. The price list shows that 16 units have been added. Asked about the upcoming bid for the 1st construction site in Kai Tak District 1 and the MTR Yau Tong Ventilation Building, Mr Wong Kwong Yiu said that the company has development projects on both sites. Therefore, two sites will be studied.

Nanjin. Meet the shore to receive 800 votes more than 10 times

The land will be open for sale on Tuesday in Tin Wan, Aberdeen, Aberdeen. On the other hand, market news refers to the cumulative receipt of 800 votes in the past 6 days. The first round of sale of 70 people exceeded 10 times. The overall primary market in the past Saturday recorded 346 transactions, of which MALIBU accounted for 313 or 90%.

In addition, the Ka Wah Group’s Kai Tak Gai Hui has just sold two gangs, including the sixth floor of the first floor, Room A, the area of ​​446 square feet, even 149 square feet platform 2 room special households sold for 12.4 million yuan, practical price 27,803 Yuan, material and create a new high two-bedroom households in the Kai Tak District; third floor of the first floor, Room D, the area of ​​687 square feet, with 336 square meters platform 3 room special households, the transaction price of 19,373,400 yuan.