Wong Chuk Hang rent low water prospects bright

Since the opening of the MTR, Wong Chuk Hang and the core business district is much closer, the rent is also more, the rent is maintained at a low level, I believe that big hands have come.

Huang Zhukeng is a traditional industrial area, until recently in the new commercial buildings completed, the industry said that even in recent years there are commercial buildings completed, but in the past to bear the general, the main reason is the traffic inconvenience, often traffic congestion, coupled with lack of matching, Many companies connected to the area before the floor interest is not high.

Hong Kong Island tenants or relocation costs

However, as the MTR South Island Line last year after the opening, the situation is very different. Wong Chuk Hang District commercial buildings and industrial buildings, mainly concentrated in the Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Ye Road, that is, near the Hong Kong Railway Huang Zhu Hang Station, only two stations away from Admiralty, about 10 minutes by car, very convenient.

According to the current face of Huang Zhu Hang, change the day also need time, evolved into a whole business district non-overnight. East Kowloon, for example, 10 years ago, in addition to the city of Chuang Ji, very few M to provide, industrial area color is still strong. With the improvement of the district, the Government has proposed to start the Kowloon East project, and the initial rent of commercial buildings is only 10 yuan, to attract large institutions such as the cost of the transfer of insurance companies.

10 years later today, the East Kowloon mansion, well-known large number of institutions. With the opening of the Hong Kong Railway, to solve the problem of traffic inconvenience, and commercial buildings rent about 20 yuan, far cheaper than other parts of Hong Kong Island, renters in Hong Kong Island if the relocation of cost savings, Huang Zhu Hang as an ideal choice, I believe that District bright prospects.