Hong Kong shares the potential of office space

Hong Kong Central office rents continued to rise, the cost of rental more global, but the office space is not used. At present, there are about 73% of the space utilization rate of office space between Hong Kong and the Mainland. In recent years, more and more commercial and financial institutions and technology companies have adopted the Workplace Strategy to increase staff interaction and save resources through the use of resources.

CB Richard Ellis Ye Minghan (left) says workplace strategies can improve office usage. Right for Guo Hao Kun.

Improve space utilization

Hong Kong office vacancy rate continued to low, so that the rent is high, the cost of renting the Central office is more global crown, about $ 2,363 per square foot. However, office space is not used, according to CB Richard Ellis data show that Hong Kong (including the Mainland) office space utilization rate of only about 73%.

Mr. Yip Ming-han, a strategic consultant for the workplace of the Asia-Pacific Multinational Corporate Services Department, said that a good workplace strategy can make good use of resources and increase employee productivity. Different from the traditional office, employees work and get off work without “punch", there is no fixed working position. Take the company as an example, the practice of workplace strategy, the internal liquidity from 15% to 28%, while the idle space from 38% to 21%.

He has argued that the workplace strategy has been in Hong Kong for at least two or three years in recent years and has been introduced to Hong Kong in recent years. The company has been working on the workplace strategy since five years ago. The client is mainly commercial and financial institutions, followed by science and technology information the company.

“If a company implements a workplace strategy, but not all departments are suitable for flexible work, so a good workplace strategy does not mean that all departments have to follow suit," said Guo Haokun, the facility management manager for the multinational corporate services department in Asia Pacific.

Standard Chartered Bank is one of the banks that practice the workplace strategy. The bank’s Hong Kong spokesman said that the flexible working environment will help employees balance their work and life. Colleagues reflect flexible working hours to avoid peak traffic and work more efficiently. Become more humane.