Huang Zhu Hang Commercial Building AXA pre-rent 100,000 feet

Huang Zhu Hang business district by large enterprises to pay attention to, Fu Lao Rong family Huang Zhu Hang Road 38 commercial buildings, AXA AXA pre-rent 100,000 square feet of floor, feet rent about 22 yuan, and the building named, into the largest commercial rent this year Business.

The largest hand draw this year, about 22 yuan

Wong Chuk Hang recorded a large commercial rent, the news that the 38th South Bay Road, South Bay Center, the new commercial buildings, the big hand pre-leased 14 floors, each layer of about 7,000 square feet, involving 100,000 square feet, Yuan, single area, is the largest commercial rent this year, the project is about to be completed.

It is understood that the new tenant for AXA Insurance (AXA) to the building 169,000 square feet gross floor, the insurance lease 6 into the floor, so the building naming rights, will be renamed “AXA Southside". It is learned that AXA has leased a large number of office space in Hong Kong. This will consolidate the various offices. It will cost about $ 22. In fact, in recent years, many insurance industry, have moved to the emerging business district, such as the early years of Manulife Insurance, AIA and other large East Kowloon office.

South Bay Center formerly known as the construction of the Center, was originally held by Hong Kong Industrial (00480), in 2012 by Fu Lao Rong family to 615 million yuan to undertake, then pay the land premium to build commercial buildings. It is reported that the project is a standard building, also has an air garden. The most attractive is the property adjacent to the MTR Wong Chuk Hang Station exit, easy to attract tenants.

Huang Zhu Hang commercial buildings from the concept of the MTR, many consortium to buy the property to rebuild into commercial buildings, such as gambling Wang Tai Liang An Qi, 2014 to 3.28 billion purchase of Shangyan Road 41 commercial buildings, was still in the building, the project height of 37 , Completed last year. With the opening of the MTR, the building also recorded a number of tenancy, such as the flat will lease the Hongye Road 41, two floors, a total of about 22,000 square feet, the monthly lease of about 550,000 yuan, another lawyer and Valentino And other companies also stationed in the building.

In addition, the consortium optimistic about the prospects of the area, high-priced land, such as Huang Zhukeng Renfu Aberdeen Aberdeen depot all the buildings, in March this year, the tender, the location is next to the South Bay Center, the results by Guo Bingxiang Imperial Group, In the price of 1.56 billion yuan, the floor price of 9,541 yuan per square foot, a new high industrial projects in Hong Kong.