Huang Ju cinema building two low purchase price 1 percent

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Group has been awarded a Grade 1 historical building in Wong Tai Cinema Building in North Point. The two companies have recently sold for a total of $ 26.4 million, but the purchase price is about 1% lower than last year.

Fancy prices rarely fell below 20,000 levels

According to the EPRC Economic Property Database, the high-level Q and V rooms of the Royal Cinema Building were 785 and 715 sq ft respectively, priced at $ 17.8 million and $ 12.6 million respectively at an average price of $ 17,580 and $ 17,622 respectively. The purchase of foot prices rarely fell below the level of 20,000 yuan.

Looking at the same month in October with the purchase price, high-level Q room for 15.7 million yuan, the other low-level room for 14.3 million yuan. The latest purchase price is about 12% higher than last year. New buyers are Liqiang Limited, the market is believed to be New World (00017) or related parties.

The Royal Theater was formerly known as the Xuan Guan Theater which was completed in 1952 and is the only building in Hong Kong. It has been rated as a Grade 1 Historic Building. Property rating will not prohibit the demolition of the reconstruction, but the future in the implementation of the reconstruction plan, or add uncertain and unknown factors, coupled with the new world has mastered the majority of the project title, do not rule out the intention to reduce the purchase price.

(00034) The Kochi family is actively acquiring the old buildings in the urban area. The newest purchase of the old buildings in the urban area is $ 434 sq ft and the average price of $ 14,747 is $ 6.48.

d in the West Rail Nanchang station cover, plus the project No. 2A in the first half of the hot, I believe will be concerned about the market; letter set (00083) The redevelopment projects in the second and third districts of the Kwun Tong Town Center are very large and involve 2,000 people. However, the project has not yet been sold in advance.

As for Hong Kong Island, a lot of attention to the luxury of the new disk brewing attack, at any time to open the sky, including the new land before the Victoria Harbor View North Point Hai Xuan, a total of 355 groups.

In addition, the Wharf (00004) and Nam Fung’s Peak Mount Nicholson frequently hit the price, the first and second phase of the project by the Hong Kong Regal sought after, the last issue of the third period, only 24 groups, the developer’s push plate confidence will increase again , At any time to rewrite the Asian layered residential foot price record.

The industry believes that the hot strokes and tightening mortgage and other measures, the impact on the primary market is limited, developers can provide more flexible payment methods and mortgage concessions to help buyers reduce spicy, I believe that such payment arrangements will still be willing to use, help Project to the goods. It is expected that the purchasing power of the market will continue to flow into the primary market, and it is expected to record about 20,000 transactions in the final year. However, if the US rate hike and start its plan to reduce the balance sheet will affect the asset prices in Hong Kong To be observed, sales of first-hand real estate is no test.