ICBC raised its interest rate from next month

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – ICBC (Asia) will raise interest rates in July, with loans less than $ 3 million in mortgages, with interest rates added to H plus 1.4, according to interest rates. The actual interest rate for the supply of about 1.85%.

3 million for the following housing interest rate 1.85%

It is understood that ICBC’s current floor interest rate is as low as H plus 1.28%, ie the contribution rate is about 1.73%. With the increase in the rate of interest rates raised to H plus 1.4%, the market has been digested to raise interest rates , The bank will be on July 1, less than 3 million yuan of mortgages, the interest rate was reduced to H plus 1.4%, while the mortgage is higher than 300 million yuan, according to interest also slightly increased to H Plus 1.3 liters, the actual interest rate for the house 1.75%, interest rate strategy significantly greater impact on the amount of owners.

After the US interest rate hike again this month (14 days), the interest rate on interbank interest rates in Hong Kong increased from 0.367% to 0.452% yesterday, with an increase of nearly 10 pips. The increase in borrowing costs, Some people in the industry believe that the second half of the bank a great opportunity to continue to raise interest rates, the owners pay attention to the affordability of the building.