The first half of the first hand to sell nearly four million four years up to five developers involved 6130 people attracted nearly 80 billion gold

Will soon enter the second half, recall the first half of the new market situation is extremely busy, a total of about 9700 transactions (see photo), in April 2013 single-handedly effective, four years to sell the most powerful first half, also Is the second half of last year recorded more than 10,800 transactions in one hand, once again recorded nearly 10,000 transactions, rare in recent years. The industry estimates that with the emergence of a number of large new discs, the second half of the new trains expected to reach 10,000 cases, means that the total turnover of the first hand 2 million, have the opportunity to record a new record after 2004.

Ming Pao reporter Lin can be, Lin Shangmin

Although the property prices continued to rise, but the public home business is still hot, with new discs of young buyers, many parents funded the first phase of the market, creating the first half of the new disk market activity, which recorded about 9700 transactions, relative to the same period last year Recorded about 5632 single-handed turnover, up 72% year-on-year. (0013), the new world (0017), the new world (0017), will be the first five real estate developers in the first half of the sale of about 6130, accounting for the total number of transactions in the market 63% The

Long six months to sell 26 billion into the sale of the king

In addition, the five major developers in the first half of the total amount of water up to 79 billion yuan, of which 26% of the long-term sales of cash and accumulated nearly 1,600, become the “sale of the king"; new land sets of 20.5 billion yuan and cumulative about 1570 Second; the new world ranked third, cash 12.7 billion yuan and accumulated about 1040 group. If a single real estate, then the new site Nanchang station Xi Xi gold the most amazing, real estate sales in March so far sold about 960, sets of 13 billion yuan.

Annual sales of two hundred thousand high-profile 13-year high

Vice President and President of the Central Plains Asia-Pacific Chen Yongjie said that Yuen Long Kam Tin PARK YOHO Genova, Tsuen Wan Sea Love • Love Hyun US sale soon, together with other large new disk, the second half of the first round of trades have the opportunity to reach 10,000, that The total turnover of the year is close to 20,000. Data show that the new disk market in addition to the year 2013 only recorded more than 10,000 transactions, the 2014-2016 annual average annual turnover of between 15,000 to 1.6 million cases, if the annual turnover of up to 20,000 this year , Will be recorded since the 2004 record of 24,000 single-handed turnover after the new high.

Analysis: the developer continued to push the mortgage plan

Senior real estate analyst Lin Yiming also pointed out that due to the future increase in new disk supply, expected developers will continue to push the second half of the disk, coupled with the market is still sufficient to undertake, it is estimated that the second half of the overall turnover of more than 10,000 cases. However, it is estimated that developers will not sell their flats at low prices, but instead will use the mortgage scheme to “lower" the secondary market.

Lin said that the market now has two purchasing power, one from the parents to the existing property plus, or pensions for the children to pay the first phase, and the other is the early years of mistrust the government will make property prices fall and “off the wrong car" People, now on the train again.