Taikoo Shing rent 55,000 more than 3 years ago rose 4%

[Ming newspaper newsletter] summer vacation rented second-hand housing, Taikoo Shing recorded rare household rental transactions. News refers to investors Yang Da Chao’s Taiping Group real estate held by the Quarry Bay Pacific City Silver Park Court top C room complex households, the practical area of ​​1046 square feet, to about 55,000 yuan leased out, less rent 60,000 yuan less than 5,000 yuan, Practical foot lease of about 53 yuan. The unit in 2014 had 53,000 yuan leased, so far the rent rose slightly by about 4%. Taikoo City duplex units on the last rental for the beginning of last year Green Yang Pavilion top sea view complex B room, the practical area of ​​1180 square feet to 46,800 yuan leased out, rent 40 yuan.

On the sale, the market news refers to the top floor of the five pontoon mountain peaks in Kowloon Tong, with a usable area of ​​1836 square feet, with 1761 square feet rooftop and 579 square feet platform, sold for about $ 78 million and $ 42,484 Price and price per ton are a new high. The original owners hold the goods for 10 years, the book earn 38.2 million yuan.

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In addition, the Land Registry data show that the Wan Chai Habitat 5 middle A room, the practical area of ​​585 square feet, the beginning of this month to 11 million yuan change hands, real 18,803 yuan, the original owner in 2014 to 11.35 million purchase, holding 3 years Book erosion of about 350,000 yuan, together with the expense of erosion of nearly 900,000 yuan.

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Century 21 Qi Feng senior branch manager Li Shiming said, Tai Po talent Bay 1 21 low-level special households, the practical area of ​​932 square feet with 471 square feet platform to 13 million yuan turnover, real 13,948 yuan. The original owner in 2013 to 14.26 million to buy, 4 years book pocket 1.26 million yuan, even the fee is about 1.9 million yuan.