BOC: Southeast Asia’s revenue accounted for 5 years after the increase to 20%

(2) Bank of Hong Kong (2388) Vice Chairman Yue Yi said that the current income in Southeast Asia, the proportion of the overall income of the Group as a unit, he hopes to upgrade to 5% after 5 years, mainly benefited from " “Strategy, Chinese enterprises to increase foreign investment, and the Group’s own expansion in the ASEAN market.

Speed ​​up the acquisition of assets in the Philippines

Over the past two years, the Group has continued to acquire ASEAN assets from the Bank of China (3988). The first batch of assets, Malaysian and Thai assets have been completed in recent months and Indonesian and Cambodian assets have been signed earlier. Group Finance Director Sui Yang said that this year will accelerate the acquisition of the parent line of the Philippines and Vietnam assets, the completion of the first six countries after the transaction, the future there will be some assets, will be announced. Yue Yi reiterated that the current bank in the area along the way the country’s credit balance has reached 57.8 billion yuan.

Sales of Jiyou funds tend to development and regulatory purposes

The Group has earlier completed the sale of Jinko Bank’s holdings, the pre-tax income of the transaction was 2.5 billion. Since the sale of Nanyang Commercial Bank last year, the Group has paid special interest, so the market is also expected. Sui Yang said that although the Group’s capital level is higher, but the funds tend to be used for future development and meet the regulatory requirements, after the assessment, the Group believes that 40% to 60% of the dividend rate range is appropriate. As for the sale of Jiyou’s earnings, the Group is still studying, on the one hand will refer to the practice of the same industry, and will balance the Group’s development strategy and shareholder requirements.

In respect of the mortgage business, Vice Chairman Gong Yang Enci said that after the HKMA had moved the bank, the bank had raised the mortgage rate and the competition was fierce. However, she still estimated that the mortgage business had an increase in the number of units this year, which was similar to that of last year.