The price of the stock price of strict control of the price of 10%

Over the past two days, there have been a number of short-term stocks were “wash”, attracted a lot of attention from the market, more senior government officials say, regulators need to follow up the event. However, there are analysis refers to the price of luxury footsteps, the second half began to fall, down at least one percent, more likely to hurt the overall property market soft.

Treasury Bureau, Mr Chan Ka-keung, said the SFC and the HKEx had to follow up on the spot market.

(08019) yesterday, “Sheng Xian”, fell 55.56%, reported 0.052 yuan, the largest decline in the shares. “Fortune BB shares” Lian Wang (08217) had played nearly Jiucheng, but unfortunately “bounce” ended, fell more than 16% all day, playing the residual households. The Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, Mr Chan Ka-keung, said the SFC and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (00388) had to follow up on this incident.

Statistics show that 24 picnics over the past two days accumulated more than 495 billion yuan market value of evaporation. (01226) and the Chinese wallets (00802) share price has been, in addition to China Unicom, the Chinese investment and financing (01226) and the Chinese wallet (00802), respectively, Rebounded more than 11%, but all day inverted 45.97% and 41.54%.

Hao Wen variable cents shares fell more than 55%

In addition, the washing store tide continued to spread to other sub-stocks, Hao Wen Holdings turned “cents shares”, up to 57.26%, down 55.56%. The gold medal (08460), which has just been listed on Tuesday, has also fallen by 11.88% and nearly 25.8% in the past two days.

Following the announcement of the sale of Hanhua Professional Services (08193), Mei Jiehui (01389) and China Integration (01027), the Company recorded a loss of RMB 7,483.8 million, which was referred to as the ” (01225) also refers to the sale of more than 14.79 billion shares or about 2% of China’s integration, the average price per share of 0.0169 yuan, the total amount of proceeds sold about 24.96 million yuan, compared with the fair value at the end of last year, recorded A significant loss of approximately $ 256.6 million was recorded, but the Company recorded a gain of approximately $ 12 million in comparison with the acquisition cost.

Jun Tai is indeed a coincidence

China National Cultural Industry (00745) said that the market has sold 1.625 billion shares of China’s integrated, the average price per share of 0.021 yuan, cash 33,485 yuan, if compared with the end of March this year, the fair value of the material as of the end of March Will confirm that the realized loss of about 283 million yuan.

(00630) and the new technology (01063) Qi issued a profit warning, is expected as of the end of June this year for six months, the shareholders should be a significant loss attributable to the sale of securities held in the sale of the fair value of investment Loss caused by.

For more than a melee stock, the Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, Mr Chan Ka-keung, said that the shares were highly concentrated and that the companies were connected and traded less and that the SFC and the HKAC would need to follow up , And the need to improve the regulatory system to increase market confidence.

In addition, he replied to Members of the Legislative Council, Mr Cheung Wah-fong, that during the five years from June 1 to June 15, the SFC had received 12 reports on short selling and institutional reports Complaints, including complaints that such reports contain false or misleading statements. The SFC has investigated short-selling people or organizations that have issued short-selling reports, focusing on whether they have engaged in illegal manipulation or unsecured short selling activities and whether the short sale report contains any false or misleading statements The

Experts call retail investors do not fishing at the end

Broadway Capital International Business Director Wen Tianna said the regulators should investigate the current price of the storm, and then publish a public report to the public account, and review the existing laws in the supervision of large shareholders mortgage shares and cross positions. He also appealed to investors not to drop the low-priced stocks, to guard against “fire sticks.”

In addition, the TSC Investment Management Director, Shen Qinghong, also pointed out that the SFC should study the regulation of tightening the disclosure of information disclosure, covering major shareholder mortgage shares will affect the company’s share price news, and to strengthen the investigation of highly concentrated equity companies to Send a siren to the retailer.

The market purchasing power is running out, the property market will step down the price of stocks plummeted, expected the second half of the property market by the price floor led the decline, the price of property prices fell at least 10%. As a matter of fact, this year, property prices are still high. The market still recorded at least 50 properties for sale, including public housing, HOS flats and private housing estates.

Ji Hui Tang Wenliang expected, the second half of the price will lead the lead down.

Jihui Group Chief Executive Officer Tang Wenliang said the second half of the property prices will fall. He pointed out the trend of the second half of the price trend, pointed out that the price of stocks fell on other stocks did not affect the Hang Seng Index was only slightly down; and in the past period of time, the price of property prices soared, such as property prices Down naturally will bear the brunt, a larger decline.

For example, the overall property prices fell 10%, the price floor will drop 15%; he also said that there is another possibility, as the stock market, the price floor down, other houses have no effect. He added that the future decline in property prices, because the market has no purchasing power, many new discs waiting to sell, otherwise there will be no developers to fight against mortgage ideas, is expected to price at least 10% decline in property prices, and the Central Plains city leading index material Will fall from the peak 5 to 8%.

Property prices in the second half or peaked

Senior financial expert Lin Yiming also said that in the second half of the property prices have the opportunity to peak and fall from the high, but only a few percentage points decline, until next year’s decline will be more significant. He added that the overall property prices fell, the property prices of various types of property will fall at the same time, and the New Territories price floor earlier rally, the rate of decline will be more urgent.

Senior investors have also bearish the second half of the property market. Wu Longfei expected the second half of the property prices will fall, especially the supply of more New Territories floor, a greater decline. On the other hand, if there is rent support in the urban area, if it is necessary for the public to enter the market, he may wish to consider a single building adjacent to the MTR station. Wu Guanchuan said, high property prices, buyers can not afford the level of second-hand trading quiet, the second half of the year to see property prices rampant, such as interest rates to speed up, property prices will fall.

But Pan Yongxiang, a senior lecturer at the City University’s Faculty of Architecture and Technology, pointed out that property prices will rise by 5% in the second half of the year to the next year, driven by irrational demand. Midland Real Estate Chief Analyst Liu Jiahui said the second half of the slowdown in property prices, but the increase is still about 3 to 5%, the current level of property prices is relatively high, and the existence of light foam.

50 second-hand housing odds new high

Central Plains Asia-Pacific Vice Chairman Chen Yongjie said the second half of the overall property prices will fall after the first rise, and ultimately also increased by 5%; and the new disk to reduce the bank’s monthly income is expected to lower than the insurance line 20 million.

In fact, the recent second-hand trading was slowing down, but the property prices have not seen a high decline. According to the comprehensive market information, there are at least 50 housing estates in June which have traditionally been traded at the highest price. However, the proportion of blue-chip estates is obviously lower, and the second and third-line estates are the main ones. Public housing and HOS flats.

Talent Bay 4 years corrosion 1.26 million

Liu Fuxing said, Fanling name are three high-level D room, the practical area of ​​454 square feet to 5.2 million yuan resale, housing prices first broken “five ball”, practical price of about 11,454 yuan. The Central Plains said Yuen Long second-hand trading decreased, the second half of this month recorded about 31 cases, about 20% less than the first half, the same area Tsui Yun Hua Ting 4 high-level B room, the transaction price of 6.88 million yuan, , Practical price of 10,088 yuan per foot

Recently, the owners take advantage of the high stop stop. Century 21 Qifeng said, Tai Po talent Bay 1, 21 low-level flattened households, to 13 million yuan change hands, holding four years account for 1.25 million yuan.