Sai Kung Full House Village Linhai hollow floor

The village houses in Sai Kung Village are generally of varying degrees of seascape, mainly Pak Sha Wan. Since there are not many village houses built in Sai Kung accessible to the sea, they can attract a group of expatriates who enjoy water activities.

Large window lighting, there is a small pier before

It is located in a village house with a total size of 1,750 square feet and is currently offered at a price of 48 million yuan. The water-front whole village house built on the site is a mangrove forest, a white sand bay yacht club, a small pier, and a 10-minute love for people who like water activities.

Since the upper site is a hollow floor, the bottom of the building is about 15 feet high. The guest and dining room are of high ground floor design. The dining room has been covered with carpet. Currently, there is a rectangular wooden dining table for 6-8 people. Dinner. The kitchen has been equipped with a menu, and there are Siemens dishwashers in the kitchen, as well as Whirlpool ovens and microwave ovens. On the other side of the kitchen entrance, an artificial stone platform has been created, which can be used as a bar and sitting there to drink. The best part is that the location just looks out of the window. Upward is the living room, with three-seat beige mats on both sides. The front and rear sides are refitted with a single sculpted chair. Due to the large window design, the lighting is sufficient.

Upwards along the stairs are the side halls and a suite. The side halls have a large comb, and 8 people are not problematic. The main wall is also hung with TV sets and half-sized cabinets with marble surfaces. Accommodate audio.

2nd Floor 3 Bedroom Parking Available

On the top floor of the second floor, a total of 3 bedrooms are available, including the master suite. The master room is forward, that is, to the south, with a view of the Baishawan Yacht Club at a close distance, and a glass folding door on the terrace so that the gaze can be seen outdoors. There is no barrier inside. At present, there are seven large wooden double beds in the center of the bedroom. There are bedside cabinets, cloakrooms, and bathrooms on both sides. They are distributed on the left and right sides of the bedroom. The bathtub position is more deliberately installed in front of the window. Outdoor views can also be enjoyed while soaking in the bath. The remaining two rooms are backwards and the space is very good.

It is worth mentioning that there is a free space on the side of this village house and the car can be parked in front of the house.