Langham Place Enhances Technology Elements

In the past year, many new shopping malls have appeared in Yau Tsim Mong District, including T.O.P. under the leadership of the Exhibition (00832), New World (00017) and THE FOREST built by the URA. This has brought new atmosphere to the region.

Guan Jun Industrial Trust (02778), which holds Langham Place property, and its chief executive officer and executive director, Wang Jiaqi, pointed out that the completion of the new shopping mall will make the district more lively, and the consumers who cross the district to visit Yau Tsim Mong will not concentrate only. Going to the new shopping mall, so I don’t worry about affecting the flow of people in Langham Place, and will strengthen the use of technology interactive elements to attract customers.

Wang Jiaqi said that the occupancy rate of the mall has been maintained at 100%, which will enhance the attractiveness of the merchant portfolio and add new elements to the current lack of shopping malls. If the first vending machine shop in Hong Kong was introduced last year, there is also a coffee shop opened by a star. She continued that the daily flow of people in shopping malls and weekends was over 300,000 person-times, and the number of people on the weekdays was 250,000 to 300,000, of which 70% were local customers.

Interactive experience facilities

The retail market in Hong Kong is picking up. Wang said that the appreciation of the renminbi last year has boosted the consumption of mainland tourists. The beauty and skin care products have better performance. I believe that the retail market will continue to improve in the second half of the year, but the growth is expected to slow down due to the impact of the base effect. At the same time, since about half of the tenants in the office building belong to the beauty industry, they bring synergy to the shopping malls. “To the (beauty salon), the (consumer) will of course go shopping, buy beauty products, and sell beauty and skin care products. "

Nowadays, consumers are demanding shopping experience. Wang Jiaqi said that although Hong Kong retailers are less affected by online shopping than Europe and the United States, shopping malls still need to introduce more entertainment and experience facilities to attract customers with special products.

For example, the earlier promotion activities included technological interactive elements. After the social media communicated with chat robots, consumers could exchange gifts at shopping mall booths. Interactive games were also set up during the World Cup, and live games were broadcast live in the bar to attract young consumers. , will continue to strengthen the application of science and technology such as virtual reality, expansion of reality and so on for promotion.

There are no shops in the Mainland and overseas. However, Wang Jiaqi thinks that it is difficult to apply in Hong Kong because of the large number of people in the shopping malls. If the goods need to be replenished in a timely manner under the rotation, it is difficult to sell through unmanned shops in places where there are too many people, but through self-help knots. The accounting system improves operational efficiency.