10 big estates two days 6 transactions 18 weeks low

The market waited for the government to announce vacant taxes, and second-hand trading was soft. The 10 major housing estates recorded only 6 transactions on Saturday and Sunday, and dropped 60% on a weekly basis, hitting a new low of 18 weeks after the Lunar New Year. Ngau Tau Kok Amoy Gardens 1 room 5.45 million yuan

In the past two days, the performance of the 10 major housing estates has softened. In the past two days, Zhongyuan Real Estate recorded 6 transactions, which fell by 60% on a weekly basis. This is the new low since the Lunar New Year (February 17 to 18). Zero deal; Midland Property recorded 10 sales in two days, down by about 17% in the week; Lijiage recorded 6 in two days, decreased by 46% in the week, and fell back to the number of units for the first time after recorded double-digit volume for 5 consecutive weekends. The transaction; Hong Kong property records recorded 5 transactions, compared with 7 cases in the previous week, a decrease of 2 cases (four major agents and 10 major housing estates have different).

Meifu New Village reduced the number of buildings on Saturday and Sunday by about 20% to 30%, mainly due to the lack of new supply in the housing estate. Huang Huixia, senior senior division manager of Zhongyuan Real Estate, said that the latest transaction was the third floor of Room A, No. 27, Lanxiu Road. The utility area is 665 square feet, and the room is separated by 3 rooms. The head of the household is released for one week. The price is 9.8 million yuan. The result is 100,000 yuan and sold for 9.7 million yuan. The practical price is 14,586 yuan, which is 2% lower than the market price.

The trading volume has decreased significantly, but the price has continued to be high. The price of 1 bedroom household in Amoy’s Amoy Garden has changed by 1.9 million yuan, which is the second highest price for stratified households. Bao Yunzhong, assistant division manager of Lijiage Amanda (Group A) pointed out that Amoy The 8th floor of the large garden, Block L, has a usable area of ​​285 square feet and is sold for 5.45 million yuan. The practical price is 19,123 yuan.

Rambler Bay 2 bedroom homes sell for 6.9 million yuan

Tsing Yi Second-line housing estate Lan Cheng Wan 2 room high see 6.9 million change hands, creating a new high in the same kind of property, the United States property Tsing Yi machine railway station branch senior sales manager Su Shunhua said, Blue Cheng Bay three high-rise F room, 488 square feet With a price of 6.9 million yuan, the practical price is 14,139 yuan, the price is the same as the new high, and the price is the third highest.

The market is lacking, the quality is low and the market for alternative units is also affected. Market participants said that there is a 2-bedroom household on the 2nd floor of Block 23 of Lantian Ligang City with a usable area of ​​522 square feet, resold for 8.3 million yuan, and a practical price of 15,900 yuan; Another section, Room A, Low Floor, Block 16, Regent Garden, Kowloon Bay, is an accident (ie, murderous) unit. It is 407 square feet in practical use and is sold for 5.68 million yuan. The practical price is 13,956 yuan. The price is adjusted to the bank.