Multiple new discs completed in the Western Zhou Dynasty

The retail economy in Hong Kong continues to improve, and many new buildings will be completed in the west of Tsuen Wan. The residents will become the new middle-class consumers in the district. Hua Tuo has also changed its position and refurbished the first phase of the Heart Square. Together with the second phase, it will open next year to expand the Group’s shopping mall business.

Liwan District has a population of 320,000

The retail market in Hong Kong continues to improve. According to government figures, retail sales in the first four months of the year rose by about 14% year-on-year, with jewellery, watches and durable goods being the best performing category. The property market has continued to improve, and property prices have continued to hit new highs, bringing wealth effects, which in turn has boosted consumer confidence.

The Tsuen Wan West Station area is a flagship development project of Hua Tuo, with residential, commercial and shopping malls. In fact, the development of the Tsuen Wan District is quite mature. The residential buildings can be described as old and new. Most of the new buildings are concentrated in the Tsuen Wan West Station. The population of the whole district is as high as 320,000. If the population of the New Territories West is more than 2 million.

New platters

Tsuen Wan West Station has several properties launched last year, including Cheung Kong (01113) Sea Love Development Project, New World (00017) Park Pride Bay and Hua Wei’s entire. City Exchange will be completed in the next one to two years. A total of more than 4,500 units have been provided for these three projects. Last year, the average sales price per gang was over 10 million yuan. The residents were all middle-class.

Wang Hongyu, deputy director and deputy rental director of Huaying Group, said that he was very optimistic about the future development and retail market in the district. The shopping malls, commercial buildings and hotels in Tsuen Wan West were flagship projects. After the completion of the above-mentioned residential properties, It has become a new middle-class consumer group in Tsuen Wan, bringing huge people and consumption power to the region.

In order to welcome new business opportunities, the Group also actively expanded the business of shopping malls, including the renovation of the first phase of the Luneng Plaza, and last year the group purchased the entire building from the MTR Corporation (00066). Chenghui’s mall ownership rights have been named as the second phase of Rushi Plaza. Together with the development of the first phase of Rushi Plaza, it will be merged and promoted in the future.

Wang Hongyu described that Tsuen Wan is a unique community with a number of flyover connections and convenient access for consumers. In the first and second phases of the heart of the heart of the subway, there are 7 bridges connecting the West Rail Station, MTR stations and shopping malls. In all directions.

In addition, the early-year completion of the Lushun Plaza office building and the Lucent Seaview Hotel also gathered quality consumer groups in the area. Among them, commercial buildings provide 360,000 square feet of floor space, and many multinational companies have already settled in. The hotel provides 1,608 rooms and provides one million consumer flow each year.

The first period of modern style is younger

Zhang Jiajun, deputy general manager of Huaying Group’s rental business, said that after the completion of the two-stage shopping mall, it will attract about 100,000 visitors on weekends. It is expected that there will be 80,000 passengers on weekdays. At present, the two phases of shopping malls are under construction and the style will be unified. However, the first phase will take the modern style, and the second phase will be younger. He also mentioned that the outer wall of the first phase of the mall will have a 900-inch large screen, which is believed to help attract people.