The two phases of Ruxin Plaza opened in the second quarter of next year

The first phase of the Tsuen Wan Ruxin Plaza is being refurbished. Together with the second phase, which is expected to open in the second quarter of next year, Zhang Jiajun, deputy general manager of the Huaying Group, said that the mall is currently in the negotiation stage and the rent is in good condition. The rent is from 50 to 120. Yuan ranged from similar shopping malls in the same area.

Ideal for rent 呎 Rent 50 to 120

The early phase of the first phase of the Shinseng Plaza was completed, and the refurbishment work is being carried out in recent months. The renovation cost was about 400 million yuan. The original tenants were also temporarily relocated. The original tenants were mainly clothing, cosmetics and restaurants. As for the second phase of Ruxin Plaza, it is located in the Xinpanquan Group. At the Cityport Pedestal, the Group purchased property rights to shopping malls from the MTRCL (00066) for more than RMB 1.2 billion last year, which helped to make the development of the entire project more mature. The total investment of the two phases exceeded RMB 1.6 billion.

At present, shopping malls are in the phase of negotiation, but they have not revealed the rate of renting and renting. They only said that they are ideal. The Zhangzhi Shopping Mall will introduce specialty restaurants, and the catering industry will account for about 30% of the rent floor.

Banned 18 million yuan for opening promotion

Zhang Jiajun pointed out that the two-store mall has a total GFA of approximately 280,000 sq.ft., of which 84 stores will be provided in the first phase, 53 will be provided in the second phase, and the total number of shops will be approximately 137 in two phases. The total paving area will range from 100 to over ten thousand. It is expected to open in the second quarter of next year.

In the future, the Group will also invest a considerable amount of resources in the shopping malls. It is tentatively expected that the first six months will be spent about RMB 18 million, which will be used as promotional expenses for opening shopping malls and will be used as a special shopping mall.