Jin Haifeng more than 8,000 tickets

New Territories (00016) Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Cannes 4A Jinhai to flat this year’s railway plate posture sale, that is, moved into the ticket tide, the last 2 days for the first weekend open demonstration units and tickets, continued queuing crowd, the situation market 冚(00017) Tuen Mun THE PARKVILLE also received about 130 tickets, over-subscription of about 1 times, two of the two new tickets Plate together a total of 813 million yuan frozen.

Jin Hai first price of 208 to fold the average price of 12,800 yuan per foot, the actual entrance fee of only 4.296 million yuan, which set off a wave of votes, the past two days the real estate is located in Kwun Tong Chongji City, five East Bank Center The number of agents in the apm shopping malls, as well as to the MTR Kwun Tong station footbridge “Laoer", the order is generally good. Developers also for the first time in the past weekend plus push 105, fold the average price of 14,100 yuan per foot, compared with the first price increase of about 10%, very aggressive.

PARKVILLE received 130 votes

The market said, Jinhai as of last night cumulative ticket has more than 8,000, with the first two price of a total of 313 folks, over 24.6 times. Located in Jinhai Road, Tseung Kwan O, a total of 1040 partners and a usable area of ​​318 to 1132 square feet are expected to be occupied by the end of October 2019.

The new world of Tuen Mun Noganside Road 88, a single project THE PARKVILLE, the project on Friday after the offer, the market said the temporary contract of about 130 votes, overbought about 1 times, expected the fastest sale on Friday. THE PARKVILLE provides a total of 100 groups, the effective area of ​​241 to 843 square feet, of which the first batch of 65 transactions, fold the average price of $ 13,800 yuan, is expected next year at the end of July occupation.