Dili Fort sell 12.6 million broken top

New disk ring debut, take away second-hand purchasing power. Centaline Property pointed out that the last two days (23 and 24) ten housing estates recorded only 7 transactions, compared with 11 cases in the previous week to reduce 4 cases, fell below 10 levels, some second-hand housing is still recorded breaking turnover, Shatin Dili City, a three-bedroom to 12.6 million yuan change hands, the cost of a new house high.

10 House for two days only 7 transactions

He Zhihao, senior business manager of Midland Realty, pointed out that Dili Fort 7 high-rise B room, the practical area of ​​901 square feet, the recent 12.6 million yuan change hands, the cost of the new house high, about 14,000 yuan. According to the online valuation system of the three note-issuing banks, the valuation is between 11.67 million and 12.3 million yuan, and the transaction price is about 2.4% to 8% higher than the valuation. The original owner in 1999 to 468 million purchase unit, the book profit of 7.92 million yuan, an increase of 1.7 times.

Po Tsui Park to sell 27,300 yuan the most expensive

In addition, the city of West Mid-Levels Park Bao Cui Park 5 high-level G room, the practical area of ​​1,100 square feet, recently to 30 million yuan resale, about 27,300 yuan per square foot, Agents revealed that the original owner in 2001 to 887 million purchase of the unit, the book earn 11.33 million yuan, 16 years, the appreciation of about 2.4 times.

As for the top ten housing market is slowing, Central Plains real estate Asia-Pacific vice chairman and president of residential Chen Yongjie said the new disk to grab the second-hand market purchasing power; coupled with the United States began to shrink the table, part of the prospective buyers wait and see, The

Midland Property has recorded nine transactions in the top ten estates in the past two days, down four per cent and four housing transactions. The bank’s chief executive officer, Bu Shaoming, said that a lot of money and purchasing power were frozen by the new market. Property market demand continued, but the second-hand market purchasing power was diluted, and is expected under the new disk, the second-hand trading volume performance will continue to repeat.