Kwai Chung Building full-layer 36 million hand

The United States cut back the balance sheet news did not affect the market sentiment, investors continue to absorb low water and high returns property. US industrial and commercial businessman Chen Lemin said that the recently promoted property on the 8th floor of Anda Industrial Building, 2 Huaxing Street, Kwai Chung, with a property area of ​​10,627 square feet, traded at $ 36 million and an average price of about $ 3,388.

The property is $ 12, and the new buyer’s rent return is about 4.2%, which is the high level of the market today. In addition, there are many industrial buildings in Kwai Chung District, but there are not many seats on the whole floor. The site area is more than 10,000 square feet. It can be used for multi-purpose development. It can split the rental or sale and attract investors.

Although the Fed recently announced a reduction in the balance sheet, but the news brewing for a long time, the market has digested negative psychological factors. In addition, the impact of the relevant measures on the stock market will be more rapid, and thus attract capital flows to a more stable investment vehicles. The price of some of the old buildings is even lower than the premium, and the “bread flat flour" is common, and the rent rate is high. This is a popular choice for the market. Successfully extended to the fourth quarter.