Saturday, the new disk turnover rose 2.73 times

Hong Kong Wen Wei Lun News (Reporter Yan Lun Le) new disk market in the past two days recorded 112 transactions, although the previous week’s 30 by 82 or 2.73 times, but pay attention to 90 of them from Poly Real Estate Qidong The re-sale on Saturday, and 13 from OASIS KAI TAK. In other words, the rest of the new disk recorded a total of only 9 transactions, trading volume was not highlighted.

OASIS KAI TAK yesterday sold 13 partners

OASIS KAI TAK yesterday for the third round of sales, the introduction of 90 people for sale, the price of the price from 7.59 million yuan to 3,994.5 million, the price of one foot price from 24,894 yuan to 35,241 yuan, the average real cost of 22,791 yuan. Sales site to see, passenger is relatively sparse, the news that the final sale of about 13, only 90% of the group of 14.4%.

Long Yu plus push high-level sea units

In addition, Long Yu recently put forward 108 units, and successfully sold about 90 of them, the developer blacksmith hot, announced the push to push the price of a total of 30 sets of 30, the price of the price from 587.6 million to 2,691.6 million , The price of one foot price from 23,171 yuan to 32,005 yuan. After deducting the discount, the discounted price is from $ 4,738,300 to $ 2,991,100, from $ 18,846 to $ 26,149, with an average foot price of approximately $ 22,613, up to an average price of 21,565 Yuan and then about 4.86%.

Poly Real Estate (Hong Kong) market sales director Gao Aihua said that the average price increase this unit, mainly there are more high-level sea units launched. The developer also announced a new round of sales arrangements to be available on Wednesday.

Other new discs, the new world development Tuen Mun THE PARKVILLE, the news that the temporary record of more than 100 tickets to the first batch of 65 people have over-subscribed. Project last week offer, the first batch of units average price of 17,649 yuan per foot, after deducting up to 21% discount and 18.8 million yuan after the average price of 13,812 yuan. The market estimates that the developer will soon open its sales arrangements for THE PARKVILLE tomorrow.