Wenshan Street shop 28 million received contact

Recently, the shop settled in a stable, Central Wanshui Street, a library shop, allowed buyers bid 28 million yuan to buy, the average price of about 15,102 yuan.

Market information means that the site of the Sun Yat-sen Building, 57-55 Wyndham Street, LG layer, an area of ​​about 1854 square feet, the current tenants for the Indian restaurant. Owners STABLEWAY LIMITED (Solid Cheung Limited), in 1997 to 6 million yuan to buy, if the implementation of hand, the book profit of 22 million yuan.

Daddy Street Street shop square foot rent 62 yuan

According to the news, the No. 2 and No. 3, G / F, Yuk Fu Building, 1 to 1A, West Rimens Street, an area of ​​about 1,200 square feet, another 1200 square feet of loft to 15 million rental, the average price of 62.5 yuan per foot, it is understood , Now tenant for pet shop.

US business assistant director Ma Zhihui said that Central Central Trade Center, Room 03, Room 05, Room 01 to Room 02, 29 and 30 rooms 01 to 03 rooms, involving about 160 million yuan, of which the first floor of Room 05, area of ​​about 1431 square feet to about 27.48 million yuan to sell, equivalent to about 19200 yuan per square foot; 29 floor 01 to 02 room area of ​​about 2453 square feet to about 50.29 million yuan to sell, equivalent to about 20,500 yuan per square foot; and 30 floor 01 To 03 room area of ​​about 4123 square feet to about 86.58 million yuan to sell, equivalent to about 21,000 yuan per square foot.