Advocate government to buy back public housing to curb property prices rise investors Liang Qi: sale restrictions

On the eve of the policy address, housing policy has attracted much attention. In order to curb the rise in property prices, the Senior Investor, Mr Leung Kit-chi, suggested that the Government should set up a restricted sale clause when it can sell the public housing. It can only be repurchased by the Government. The Government should strengthen its “banker" position in the market and control a large number of residential “Supply", let it continue to circulate in the market, the real application needs.

Mr Leung pointed out that the Government should increase the supply of housing in all aspects. Apart from increasing the number of HOS flats and public housing flats, it should also add terms to the sale of public housing. Public housing is a housing welfare and only for genuine users. Can not fill the land as a private property to buy and sell, enjoy the property value. Public housing buyers should only have the government, the price should also be limited.

Large supply of “recycling"

When the Government has led the public housing market, it has been able to curb the sharp rise in property prices after years of accumulation and holding a large amount of supply for the real demanders.

He stressed that the Government should treat the public housing and the private market separately. The former should ensure that the supply is adequate and the price control is at an affordable level for the public. The private building is not subject to supervision and can be freely developed.

“Can not enjoy property appreciation"

He added that while increasing the supply of public housing at the same time, he could work together to solve the problem of aging population in Hong Kong and encourage childbearing. For example, it was stipulated that a single person could only purchase one room and two people could buy two houses. Children, have the conditions to buy three households. “When everyone has their own property, there is a sense of belonging to Hong Kong!"

Mr Leung also suggested that the existing cruise is that the problem is that the mortgage is limited to the number of mortgages. At present, the amount of 6 million residential, even if the purchase of mortgage insurance, can only borrow 80%, that is 4.8 million, more than 7 million Of the house can only take 60%, or 4.2 million, unless the buyer hand savings of up to 100 million, otherwise, can not 2 rooms for 3 rooms; as 4 million or less residential by 90%, then lead to more The more expensive dilemma. Nonetheless, he is not in favor of relaxing the mortgage, which means that the government can only proceed from large supply, especially in the supply of $ 6 million or less.

In the past few years, the Government has found it difficult to find a shortage of housing, and Mr Leung thinks that the new way of thinking can be added. For example, like the “commercial king" in Central, the Government can use the “land for land" Large developers will be able to redeem the “land king" by hand, which will allow the Government to obtain a very large number of land in the short term, which will be used more recently for the construction of HOS flats and public housing flats.

“To earth" new thinking

In addition to residential, the Liang Qi Qiu more concerned about the public housing support, in recent years after the sale of shopping malls, investors or consortium to receive goods, they are in the business point of view, set off parking spaces and shop rent boom, originally, public housing The function is to provide the daily needs of the residents, now, but was paid to the rent of the business replaced.

Recommended the government to buy back shopping malls

Mr Leung believes that since the Government can use the MTRC subsidy fare, why can not I use the financial surplus to repurchase the mall? The Coincides with the recent, the exhibition is intended to launch a basket of shopping malls, worth more than 10 billion yuan for institutional investors to bid, he suggested that the Government should seize the opportunity to repurchase.