New World’s 12 largest shopping malls, New Year’s Eve, turnover increased by 23%

New World’s 12 largest shopping malls, New Year’s Eve, turnover increased by 23%

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are the peak season for consumption, driving the shopping malls to be prosperous. The 12 major shopping malls of Xindi (00016) recorded 1.71 million flights on New Year’s Eve (December 31). The turnover of the mall was 100 million yuan, respectively. Increase by 25% and 23%. Mr. Chung Siu-lam, the general manager of the Sun Hung Kai Properties Agency’s rental department, said that the weather has turned cold and the festive atmosphere has been strengthened. The consumer’s desire for consumption has been enhanced. The restaurant and apparel merchants have particularly benefited. The traffic and turnover of the shopping malls have recorded considerable growth.

In addition, Xindi pointed out that the 9th Christmas holiday (December 18th to December 26th) was ideally sold, and the number of shopping malls rose 24% year-on-year to 14.5 million, and turnover increased 25% to 787 million yuan. .

McDonald’s average price increase of 2%

On the other hand, McDonald’s announced a fare increase. Starting today, the average price increase of some food products is 0.5 yuan to 1 yuan, an increase of about 2%, of which the price of 24 yuan premium package, a 4.2% to 25 yuan increase; single point food and drink Then increase the price by 0.5 yuan.

McDonald’s said that in the face of rising operating costs, some food prices need to be adjusted. It is also mentioned that inflation is putting pressure on the public. When considering the price adjustment, it has tried to narrow the affected food range. The increase of 2% has been compared. The food price index in Hong Kong has risen by more than 3%. McDonald’s last increase in price for December 2016, the average food price increase of 2.5%.