In the last month of 2018, the first-hand residence borrowed the letter (00083) Kwun Tong Kaihui Phase I and Phase II (hereinafter referred to as Kaihui) to sell the “food tail paste"

In the last month of 2018, the first-hand residence borrowed the letter (00083) Kwun Tong Kaihui Phase I and Phase II (hereinafter referred to as Kaihui) to sell the “food tail paste". The monthly turnover exceeded 1000, leading the new 2018 The volume of trading volume increased to 15,700; among them, Xindi (00016), the developer with the strongest selling market, accounted for nearly 3,400 gangs, attracting more than 50.4 billion yuan, regardless of the number and amount of the group, which is the highest in 2018. Far away from the new world of the second seat (00017). However, if it is a single new disk, Xindi will not be able to dominate. Huide Real Estate Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Kangcheng MALIBU will sell 1561 gangs in 2018, becoming the best-selling new disk, and the amount of gold consumption is more than 14.4 billion yuan. More than 16.8 billion yuan in Kaihui.

Kaihui food tail paste new plate sold for 1.57 million people throughout the year

In 2018, the new disk experienced ups and downs, and the hot buying mood from the beginning of the year was sharply frozen from October to November. On the same day, the opening of the new disk showed a single-digit unit, and then opened lower by Kaihui. Big sale, so that the market situation rebounded. The new trading volume in December was about 1,740, which was 3.4 times that of the 395 bombs in November. The turnover in December was about 24.368 billion yuan, a significant double of the figure of 8.11 billion yuan in November.

It is concluded that the first-hand transaction in 2018 recorded about 15,776 gangs, a decrease of 13% compared with 18,137 gangs in 2017, and the “Three-hand Residential Property Sales Regulations” has reached a new low in the past three years since the end of April 2013; but the amount involved is about 220.46 billion. Yuan is the second-highest in the past five years, second only to the record of a new case of about 238.822 billion yuan in 2017.

It is worth mentioning that the new land that has always been implementing the “monthly and monthly sales" strategy, in the year of 2018, the property market has been raging, regardless of the sales of the number of buildings and the amount of money to dominate the major developers, sold in 2018 About 3,387 people, including the Changsha Bay Nanchang Station, the cover project, which accounted for more than 610 people and involved nearly 9.4 billion yuan in the most standard.

In 2018, SHKP has a total of about 50.471 billion yuan, which is more than the second place in the new world, which is about 28.135 billion yuan (1204 shares sold). It is about 22.363 billion yuan (about 79.4%). Wheelock Real Estate, which sold 2,148 people in 2018, cashed in about 27.215 billion yuan.

The three major developers of SHKP, New World and Wheelock Real Estate will have a total investment of 105.821 billion yuan in 2018, accounting for about 48% of the total turnover of the year.

MALIBU is the best seller of 1561

In 2018, Wheelock Real Estate was unable to board a brother’s position in either the sale of the building or the gold. However, the MALIBU sold a total of 1561 people in the whole year, and the difference between the 7 groups was used to force the Nanfang Development Team 1654. On the top of the best-selling new Panwang in 2018; the gold-absorbing price of more than 14.4 billion yuan was lost to the “super-golden king" Kaihui, which was over $16.8 billion in December 2018, which was very popular and recorded in 2018. The most exciting new urban sales and sales have broken through the tens of billions of new ones.

Bu Shaoming, chief executive of Midland Real Estate, believes that after 2018 years of refueling, developers will regroup and accelerate the pace of launching in 2019, making the number of new deals in 2019 expected to exceed 18,000, even challenging 2017. In recent years, the high level in recent years; however, due to the developer’s adoption of low-priced pushes, or the amount of new transactions in 2019 is slightly lower than that in 2018, “But I believe that it will hold 200 billion."