No. 6 Stanley Beach Road, “with shell” 260 million baht

No. 6 Stanley Beach Road, “with shell” 260 million baht

The luxury residential market is heating up, and there are many luxury houses in the traditional mansion area in the southern part of Hong Kong Island. Among them, the overseas housing project of No. 6 Stanley Beach Road of China Overseas (688) was resold to its company through internal transfer in the early years. Last month, the market said that the double-sized house was sold for 258 million yuan, with a price of 81,900 yuan.

The First-hand Residential Property Sales Ordinance came into effect at the end of April 2013. On the eve of the commencement of the Ordinance, many new discs were responded to before the launch of the new measures. Among them, 6 Stanley Beach Road was one of them. Before the first-hand new case comes into effect, the developer will transfer some of the above-mentioned houses through internal transfer and be held by other companies to avoid the one-off regulation. Nearly six years after the incident, some houses have been sold in the market.

Among them, the No. 2 house has a saleable area of ​​3,147 square meters. According to market news, last month, the house was sold for 258 million yuan through the “selling shell” method, and the practical price was 81,983 yuan. The original owner is Mass Wealth Development Ltd, and the directors include Lu Shijie, Xu Wendong and You Weiguang, all of whom are senior overseas Chinese.

He Wentian has doubled his house

In addition, one of the traditional mansion areas in Kowloon, Ho Man Tin, a house on the 28th La Salle Road in the district, has a saleable area of ​​4,991 square meters. According to the market news, the buyer of the book was accepted at 150 million yuan and the price was 30,000 yuan. It is reported that the original owner in 2007 spent 74.3 million yuan to buy, this time the sale of 75.7 million yuan, more than doubled.