Jiaxia recovery welcomes Xiaoyangchun March trading volume is nearly 7 months most prosperous

Jiaxia recovery welcomes Xiaoyangchun March trading volume is nearly 7 months most prosperous

Jiaxia trading last month ushered in “Xiaoyangchun”, the United States Industrial and Commercial Bureau expected that as the market’s worst time has passed, the second quarter of the Jiasha trading volume is expected to rise steadily. Midland Industrial and Commercial Information Research Department and Midland Business Data show that in March, the top 50 companies recorded 18 transactions, the most prosperous in the past seven months, and doubled by month.

In March, first-hand residential sales were booming, and new and cargo units were introduced to the market. There were more than 2,800 first-hand deals in the whole month. Not only the property market, Weng Hongxiang, director of the operation of the Midland Industrial and Commercial Bureau and director of the commercial department, pointed out that the Sino-US trade negotiations have dawned, and the Chinese and Hong Kong stock markets have rebounded in recent months. The United States has earlier released a plan to stop raising interest rates and collect water this year. The investment market atmosphere is back. The purchasing power that has been frozen for a long time in the past few months has gradually begun to be released, which has led to a marked rise in the trading of the company, and the market has ushered in “Xiaoyangchun”. He also believes that as long as there are no very bad conditions in the Sino-US negotiations, such as the substantial increase in tariffs between the two countries, the recent boom in commercial construction is expected to be maintained in the second quarter.

Create a new 7-month high

According to the information of the Midland Industrial and Commercial Services, a total of 18 cases of change of commercial buildings were recorded in March, which was a one-fold increase from 9 in February (revised figures). This was the case after 19 cases recorded in August last year. The new high level in the month. However, the bank pointed out that after the recovery in March, the latest transaction was only close to last month’s monthly average.

In terms of transaction area, there were 49,700 square feet of change hands in March, which was 1.5 times more than the 19,800 square feet in February. In addition to the increase in the trading volume of Jiasha, the number of thousands of square feet of office transactions recorded last month also pushed up the overall transaction area.

By Hong Kong Island, the performance of Hong Kong Island was the most prominent. A total of 10 transactions were recorded last month, up four times month-on-month. In Kowloon and the New Territories, 7 cases and 1 sale and purchase were recorded respectively last month. As for the number of zero-selling buildings in March, a total of 37 were recorded, a slight decrease from the 42 in February and the performance was also the best in the past seven months.

Central Central Libao recorded 3 trading

In addition to the re-sale and sale of the Central Centre, another reason is that funds have clearly flowed into the core office buildings. Last month, 10 transactions in Hong Kong Island were in the core areas of three traditional commercial buildings in Sheung Wan, Central and Admiralty, including Sheung Wan Centre, Sheung Wan. The COSCO Tower, the Central Centre and the Admiralty Centre, and the Lippo Centre recorded three transactions in a single month, which was the highest-paid building in the period.

In the middle of last month, investor Cai Zhizhong split the 22nd floor of the Central Center. The unit sold was Room 2201, with a building area of ​​2781 square feet. The price was 102.3 million yuan. The price was about 36,800 yuan, which was higher than the previous room 2210. The export price was 35,000 yuan, which was about 5% higher, setting a new high for the project price. Cai Zhizhong pointed out that the project has launched a total of 6 units and has successfully sold 3 units, with a cash equivalent of about 250 million yuan.