Optimus connected floor households 90 million for sale priced at 40,000

Optimus connected floor households 90 million for sale priced at 40,000

Market news indicates that the unit on the adjacent floor of the Qingtian Peninsula in Kowloon Station has just changed hands with RMB 90 million and the price is RMB 40,000. It is reported that the buyer is a senior investor Luo Zhuxiong.

The unit involved is a very high-rise unit of the Qingtian Peninsula. It belongs to the connected floor, but has not yet opened a duplex household. The two units have changed hands by 45 million yuan respectively. The area is the same as 1,125 square feet, and the price is 40,000 yuan. The total price is 90 million yuan. . According to the news, the buyer is the investor Luo Zhuxiong. In 2004, the original owner purchased two units for a total of RMB 23.08 million, earning a profit of RMB 66.92 million and an appreciation of nearly 2.9 times.

Mid-Levels West Shek Wai Court sells 34,524 records

In addition, the high-rise room C of the high-rise building in the West Mid-Levels, 4,000 square feet, has just sold for 29 million yuan, the transaction price of 34,524 yuan, the price of a record high. The original owner purchased the unit for 13 million yuan in 2008, and the profitable account profit was 16 million yuan, an appreciation of 1.2 times.

Room 3, Middle Floor, Block B, Jiayuan, East Mid-Levels, with a saleable area of ​​1,158 square feet, with a change of $25 million, and a practical price of 21,589 yuan. The original owner purchased the upper site in 2010 for 16 million yuan, earning 9 million yuan on the book, earning 56%. In addition, Room B, Middle Floor, Wing Fu Court, Happy Valley, 1,169 baht, with a transaction price of $22.5 million and a price of $19,247.