Huiyu rent 61.5 Guandawei

Huiyu rent 61.5 Guandawei

Mainland students have been working as a new force in the rental market for a number of housing estates. The first lease transaction was recorded at the speed of the Tai Wai Club, which was not yet full-time. A mainland hospitable throws a total of 186,000 yuan a year, and an open-plan unit in the pre-rental housing estate. The rent is high at 61.5 yuan.

Feng Zeyuan, the senior regional co-director of Zhongyuan Real Estate, said that the company began to close the building at the end of May, and recorded the first lease transaction. It is the C6 room with 2 wings high-rise, with a practical area of ​​252 square meters and an open interval.

The owner rented a rent at the end of May at a price of 16,000 yuan. On Tuesday (4th), he was awarded a Mainland negotiating price of 1.55 million yuan for rent, and rented 61.5 yuan to create a new high. The owner purchased it for 5.576 million yuan in March 2018 and enjoyed a return of about 3.3%.

It is reported that the new tenant started to squat down on Monday. On the next day, the renter was under the “housework helper". On the same day, a total of 186,000 yuan was rented for one year, and the rent was pre-leased about two months in advance. At present, there are about 30 rentals in the estate. The intention to rent is about $60.

Bishu Palace House monthly rent 250,000 Tai Po New Heights

In addition, the Tai Po Beverly Hills Villa recorded a large rental transaction. The news pointed out that the Beverly Hills Villa Windsor Road double “Royal House" has a usable area of ​​5,943 square feet, 4 rooms spaced, and recently rented at a monthly rent of 250,000 yuan. Out, the rent is expected to hit a new high in the zone, renting 42 yuan. The unit was purchased by the owner in 2015 for 115.7 million yuan.

The agent pointed out that the above-mentioned units used to be used as demonstration units. After the purchase, the owners had rented and sold them. The asking price was as high as 128 million yuan. The sale was still about one and a half years. No one still cares about it, and the rent is 250,000 yuan per month. A local customer was rented at a price. At present, the rents for rents of 200,000 yuan or more per month in the whole district have disappeared. The only remaining amount is Yiyi Bay, and the asking price is 150,000 yuan per month.