Two new screens in Tuen Mun are planned to be in the market during the month. Yu Mid-Levels II and OMA OMA have a total of 961

Two new screens in Tuen Mun are planned to be in the market during the month. Yu Mid-Levels II and OMA OMA have a total of 961.

The developers resumed their active push. There are a number of new discs in the New Territories to be launched in June. Among them, Tuen Mun has become a new battlefield. There are two new discs with a total of 961 teams to be launched this month, or they will face each other. As early as June last year, the new land (00016) Royal Mid-Levels II, which has been approved for pre-sale consent, is believed to be available in the short term. The effective area of ​​the unit will be set off by 250 square meters, and the two rooms or below will account for 90% of the total. Wing Tai Real Estate (00369)

Zhang Zhuo Xiumin, general manager of Xindi Agency Business Department, said that the second phase of the Tuen Mun Royal Mid-Levels will be launched as soon as this month. The building will be uploaded shortly and the demonstration units will be opened shortly. There are 495 teams in the project, providing 6 types of apartments. The standard households cover from open to 3 bedrooms. The practical area is from 250 to 591 square meters. The two rooms or below account for 90% of the total. Another characteristic unit has a practical area of ​​725 to 854 square meters. Hey.

The Royal Mid-Island Phase I has so far sold over 90%, with an average price of about $16,500. The Phase II pricing will refer to the Phase I and the same district index housing prices. This sales method will follow the new guidelines of the Real Estate Developers Association (hereinafter referred to as the Land Development Association).

For the sale of other new discs in the Tuen Mun area, Mr Cheung Cheuk-yiu pointed out that the location of the Royal Mid-Levels Phase II is in the “Urban Area” of Tuen Mun. The area along the Wan Kau and Castle Peak Road is “Suburb”. Sales confidence. She believes that the market 憧憬 US Federal Reserve cut interest rates, I believe it can have a positive impact on the property market. The Royal Mid-Levels II is located at No. 8, Jingxiu Li, Tuen Mun. The expected date of occupation is August 31, 2020.

Regal. Mountain Peak Demonstration House Exposure

OMA OMA is named after the new disk of No. 108, Wun Road, Wing Tai Real Estate. Zhong Zhilin, executive director and sales and marketing director of Wing Tai Real Estate Development, said that the project provides 466 people, consisting of two units, including open plan to 4 rooms, with a practical area of ​​250 to 1600 square meters, and 70% of the two rooms and three rooms. Two of them account for about half of the total, and the expected date of occupation is June 30, 2021. The project is still pending for sale and is scheduled to be offered and sold within June.

For the recent stock market volatility, Zhong Zhilin believes that the rigid demand of the property market remains unchanged, interest rate cuts are also good for the property market, and there is confidence in the sales situation. It is expected that demand for fine buildings will remain large in the second half of the year, and there will be steady demand for super luxury homes due to low supply.

In other new markets, Bailibao (00617) and Regal Hotels (00078) cooperated in the development of Shatian Jiufu Regal. Shanfeng, after the launch in April this year, has sold 7 groups, cashing in about 600 million yuan, and the average transaction price is about 36,000 yuan. The project opened the No. 3 house demonstration unit yesterday. The utility area is 2,759 square meters. It is divided into 4 rooms and 4 sets of partitions. There are also 872 square gardens and 546 square roofs. The renovation fee is about 11 million yuan, which will be for customers to visit. There are no plans to launch this bungalow.

Hairiwan II price tag sales totaled 300 units

Fan Li, executive director and chief operating officer of Paliburg, said that the project will adopt a “slowly selling” strategy, and will gradually launch a house sale. The price will refer to the same district property, and then the tiered unit will be launched.

In addition, Yijing Hairiwan II, a subsidiary of Yijing, announced the latest sales arrangement. Next Tuesday (11th), it sold 250 people by price list, and sold 50 units by tender. It became a new development in the construction of the foundation in May. The new guidelines for price lists and tender sales, and the largest scale of sales after the official entry into force on June 1.

According to the sales arrangement, the developer originally planned to launch 51 units of tenders, but one of them is located in Block B, 11th Floor, which is a 3 bedroom household, but the utility area is only 700 square meters. It does not meet the requirements of the Construction Association. The three-bedroom (in terms of bedrooms) with an area of ​​not less than 753 square meters can only be tendered. Therefore, the developer will eventually make amendments to remove the relevant units.

Two new plates in Tuen Mun are planned to be in the market during the month. The Royal Mid-Levels II and OMA OMA have a total of 961. The most detailed households are 250.