Baoying sells 12541 Tseung Kwan O green table new high

Baoying sells 12541 Tseung Kwan O green table new high

New Home Ownership Scheme accepts applications and freezes purchasing power, but it does not hinder the high price of second-hand HOS green watches. The Tseung Kwan O Po Ying Garden has built a total of $12,541.

According to the news, the C-room of the middle floor of Block 8 of Baoying Garden has a usable area of ​​484 square feet and a two-bedroom interval. The transaction price is 6.07 million yuan, and the price is 12,541 yuan. It is 1.5% higher than the old house price record of 12,352 yuan. It also created Tseung Kwan O. Green watches have a new high. The original owner purchased the unit for 3.4 million yuan in 2016. The additional stamp duty restriction period has just passed, and the holder of the goods has changed hands for 3 years, with an appreciation of 2.67 million yuan, an increase of 78%.

Haiyue Haoyuan Middle Floor Sale 16098

In terms of private buildings, the price of second-line housing estates has gradually moved towards last year’s high. Liu Haoqin, Director of Hong Kong Property Assistant Division, pointed out that the middle floor of Room 2, Haiyue Haoyuan, Tseung Kwan O, has a usable area of ​​432 square feet, with a price of 7.3 million yuan, and a price of 16,898 yuan, which is a new standard of 2 rooms. As for the 3rd floor of Block C of Tuen Mun Times Square, the 1 room is separated. After 3 days of release, it will be changed to 4.45 million, and the price will be 16,360 yuan. It will return to the peak level of last year. The new buyer is the boarder.

However, the CSI, which reflects the frontline agent’s view of the property market, fell for 5 weeks from 79.14 points, and the latest report was 61.5 points, reflecting the warming of the Sino-US trade war or slowing the property price.

On the other hand, the investment market in the parking space is good. He Wentian recorded the first second-hand parking space transaction this year. According to the EPRC economic real estate database, the single-car parking space on the B-floor of the project site was purchased by the original owner in December 2018 for 3.8 million yuan, and in May this year it was 4.48 million yuan. It has risen by less than half a year to 680,000 yuan, an increase of 18%.