Beverly Hills villa rental 250 000 Tai Po new high

Beverly Hills villa rental 250 000 Tai Po new high

The effect of the summer rental season began to emerge. The “House of the Royal Palace" in the Tai Po Beverly Hills Villa was rented out at a monthly rent of $250,000, setting a new record in the region.

5943 “The Palace House" 42

According to the information, the double-storey house at Windsor Road, Beverly Hills, Tai Po, covers an area of ​​5,943 square feet. It is a four-bedroom elevator with a lift. The developer was named “The Palace House" when it was sold. The owner had 6 parking spaces in 2015. It was purchased for $116 million. It was just rented out at $250,000. It was rented at $42. The rent of the estate was a new high, and the monthly rent was the most expensive case in the district. The owner can enjoy a rental return of approximately 2.6%.

The agent in the district pointed out that in the recent months, a number of luxury homes in the district were newly occupied, which significantly led to the rental of new luxury homes in the New Territories. For example, nine rents were recorded in the nine-day peaks. Among them, a single house in Kau To Shan Shan, with a saleable area of ​​3,141 square feet, has a garden of about 1,125 square feet. It was just rented out at an all-inclusive price of about $180,000. It is rented at $57. It is a case of renting a new high in Kau To Shan. The unit is a separate house with a high degree of privacy, so the rent is higher. The owner purchased the house for about 130 million yuan in 2016, and the rental return was about 1.7%.

Scorpio all-inclusive price 120,000 rent 88

It is reported that another single house in the same housing estate has a saleable area of ​​2,606 square feet and is divided into four rooms. It was rented out at a monthly rent of $130,000 and rented for $50. The tenant is a mainland passenger.

In addition, the newly-launched luxury housing estates in Kowloon Station recorded a total of 96 rental transactions last month, up 10% month-on-month. Among them, the high-rise C room of Tianzhu Tiandeng, with a saleable area of ​​1,361 square feet, is rented out at a total package price of 120,000 yuan, and the lease is about 88 yuan, which is an ideal rent level.

In addition to the fine-priced building, Feng Zeyuan, the senior regional joint director of Zhongyuan Real Estate, said that the C06 room in the middle of the 2nd wing of Dawei Huiyu has a practical area of ​​252 square feet. It is open-planned and rented out at 15,500 yuan. The practical rent is 61.5 yuan. The tenant is a Mainland student who is about to study in Hong Kong, reflecting the rise in the rental capacity of the Mainland.