The second floor of the property price has fallen below the psychological barrier

The property market has slipped, and second-hand buildings have fallen below key prices. The Tuen Mun Home Ownership New Market (Free) has lost four goals; the Tung Chung Yu Tung Court Green Form has fallen to the “Two Heads", the Yuen Long Estate in Yuen Long and the Tai Po Estate in Tai Po.呎 psychological barrier.

Yuan Yixian, director of Xiangyi Real Estate, revealed that Room 05 of the high-rise building of Xinweiyuan has a practical 401 square. The original owner’s free market is priced at 4.8 million yuan. In one and a half months, the price is 810,000 yuan or 17%, and the buyer is finally 3.99 million. Yuan Lian land price absorption, for the first time since January, the free market in the free market has been trading below 4 million yuan. According to the information, Room 05, the lower floor of the same building, has the same area. In August this year, the land price was 4.6 million yuan, three months apart. The high-rise unit sold flat for 610,000 or 13.3%.

Room 66, High Floor, Block B, Yu Tung Court, Tung Chung House, 429 sq ft, two bedrooms. The news refers to the sale of only $2.95 million green meter (not paid). It is the second half of the estate. The price is equivalent to the price of 6877 yuan.

In addition to the silver code falling below the key price level, the price of private buildings has also fallen 10,000 yuan. Room G, the lower level of Block 8 in Lushan, Taipu, is a practical 749 square, three-bedroom interval, just sold for 7.38 million yuan, the price of 9853 yuan, the first time since the end of last year fell below 10,000 yuan. In fact, Lushan has been defensively 10,000 yuan in recent years, such as 8 high-rise F rooms, practical 739 square rafts, last Thursday with 7.57 million yuan, the price of 10,244 yuan.

Stimulated by the second-hand price, the Central Plains property statistics, just past the weekend, the top ten housing estates recorded six transactions, one by one, and the transactions were concentrated in the New Territories, Tin Shui Wai Kingswood Villas, Sha Tin City Centre and Tung Chung Wan Wan Estate. A total of four were recorded and the remaining two were from Whampoa Garden, Hung Hom.