Weapons" suspected online shopping, district councillors urged to strengthen supervision

The problem of the Tin Shui Wai Tong Party has attracted people’s attention. Some District Council members pointed out that although the problem of the gang party has been alleviated in recent years, the police have found a number of weapons of mass destruction on the arrested teenagers. It is suspected that they are easily purchased from the Mainland. Concerned about the illegal use of weapons, it is hoped that law enforcement agencies will strengthen supervision.

Yuen Long District Council member Zhou Yongqin (pictured) said that there was always a child party in Tianshuiwei District. Except for Tianneng Village in July this year, there was a girl party that had a bullying case with the rivals. Seriously, only minor crimes such as theft and vandalism have been committed, and in recent years, the situation has been more moderate and improved.

Use self-service smart cabinet collection

Zhou revealed that recently, from the mouth of the neighborhood, some teenagers used the convenience of the self-service smart cabinet of the shipping company to purchase different prohibited items from the mainland. The “heavy weapons" that came out this time are also suspected to be easily obtained from this way, and the weapons will be illegal. For the purpose, I hope that law enforcement agencies will pay attention to and strengthen supervision. In addition to counselling, the gangs involved should also increase their penalties to deter.

On the spot, the surname of the Chairman of the Ruisheng Building Committee said that there were very few gangs in the village. Only the villagers were stolen from the bicycle last year, and the thief was arrested. For the gang, a large number of weapons were carried by him. This is shocked. The government believes that the government should strengthen supervision and plugging loopholes. The police also need to increase inspections. Our reporter