City Jianshidanton Street Project is allocated for transitional housing

The URA’s Sheung Tung Street and Wing Lee Street Redevelopment Project (H19) has been repeatedly opposed by the district for 15 years. Wei Zhicheng, the administrative director of the URA, officially announced through the blog yesterday that he decided to abandon the original reconstruction development plan of the project and renovate the building and district to carry out urban renewal work. He revealed that the six units in the Tang House at 60 to 62 Staunton Street are in good condition. When the renovation is completed, they will be allocated to the HKCSS as a transitional housing estate early next year.

Assigned to the Social Welfare Association early next year

Wei Zhicheng said that he had reported the decision in the Central and Western District Council in July this year. In the first half of next year, he will submit a plan for the integration of urban renewal to the Legislative Council. After obtaining support, the Government will apply to the Town Planning Board for amendments to the Outline Planning Plan. At present, the planning intention of the “Comprehensive Development Area" is expected to take more than one year. The URA will commission a consultant to conduct a “community integration" study to understand the local characteristics and historical elements of the H19 project. Operating mode.

He pointed out that the project is located in Huaxianfang West, and the Tang House on Staunton Street, with varying degrees of damage. Among them, between the two buildings of 2A and 6A, Chenghuang Street, there is a small government vacant lot that has not been opened to the outside world for many years. The outer wall of the 2A Tang House needs to be supported by steel brackets erected on the open space.

In addition to the slope of the site, another 6A Tang House needs to build a stone wall on the side of the open space to prevent soil erosion. He said that the URA has commissioned a structural engineering consultant to inspect the structural condition of the building every two months and arrange for the contractor to carry out maintenance and repair works in a timely manner to safeguard public safety.

He also stated that the residential units acquired in the project will be refurbished for residential purposes. Among them, the six units in the Tang Building, 60 to 62 Staunton Street are in good condition. After the URA decided to complete the renovation of the flats, it will be allocated to the Social Welfare Operational Social Housing Sharing Scheme for the current residence. The grassroots families who are in a bad environment and are waiting for public housing provide transitional housing.