The sale price of the Ocean Shores is less than 3300

The Tseung Kwan O Target Estate offers 5,728 gangs on the bank of Metropark. It was originally a large-scale factory, Shaweng Steel Plant. The developer, Swire Properties and SHKP, purchased land in 1997 with a price of about $12.7 billion and a record-breaking 5.8 billion premium. The development of more than 4 million square feet of commercial and residential properties, the market is expected to develop more than 6,300 yuan per square.

The first batch of eclipse prices

However, the property market reversed and the project was first sold in the early 2000s. The first batch of 32 people was calculated based on the construction area, that is, the price of the supply was only 3,268 yuan (the construction price was 3,595 yuan). At that time, the vice chairman and director of the developer Xindi. Manager Guo Bingjiang indicated that the first batch was “corrosion selling" and hoped that the eclipse could make ends. The project’s offer price immediately became the focus of the market. With the momentum of 4,450 votes, it was launched in early March of the same year. The sales office at the Taikoo Shing Center shopping mall was selected by the Dragon Market. On the first day of the project, nearly 1,200 people were sold, which became one of the hot sales charts of the year. The average effective price of the existing commercial area on the Ocean Shores is about 161,000 (the construction price is about 12,000), which is 2.7 times higher in 18 years.