intercepted 350 votes, over-purchased 2.5 times today, the sale is good.

After the increase in mortgage concessions in Ma On Shan, the new day, the number of tickets collected in the past few days was good. The demonstration units also recorded a large number of visitors. Among them, the developers said that the majority of the customers were attracted by the disc. The number of individual customers is less than 10%. The project was launched today and was intercepted yesterday. The interception was about 350 votes and the oversubscription was about 2.5 times.

Ma On Shan, the co-developed by Country Garden and Hong An, will launch the first round of sales today, with a total of 110 teams in public offerings and tenders. Country Garden Real Estate (Hong Kong) Marketing Director Zhou Junhao said that the number of ticket-seekers is mainly based on individual customers, and the number of large-scale customers is less than 10%. The number of users is dominated by users, accounting for about 80%, among which there are many young customers. Regarding whether it will be pushed, he said that there is no decision yet, and it will make a final decision depending on the sales situation today.

Depending on sales, push

According to market news, the market intercepted about 350 votes yesterday. Compared with the 100 companies that were sold in the first round today, the oversubscription was about 2.5 times. In addition, the company also launched 10 low-level platform units for sale in the form of tenders.

According to the agent in the district, the ticket-seekers mainly accounted for customers in the New Territories, accounting for about 70%. The rest were sourced from other regions. It is expected that the rent for the project will be up to 50 yuan and the return on rent will be about 3%.

The plate was opened for demonstration at the Tsim Sha Tsui Commercial Building. It was seen at the scene yesterday. The situation of the building was good. From time to time, there was a visitor flow. Among them, the family was mainly based on the visit. The spacing and quality of the demonstration units. The sales center is adjacent to the area from time to time with agents to stop fishing, grasp the final sales opportunities, introduce the environment and price of the project to the passers-by, the site is in good order.

Public development 100 people

The project has updated the price list a few days ago and launched a variety of home purchase concessions, including special sales period and high number of floors. At the same time, the “Employees’ Home Ownership Discount" will be introduced. If the buyer is a “employee-qualified person" and has not appointed an estate agent to purchase, an additional 5% discount on the sale price will be obtained.

According to the sales arrangement, the sales are divided into batches A and B. Among them, batch A is open for sale, involving 100 groups. The same is for large-time passengers. Each person subscribes for at least 2 groups and has a maximum of 4 groups. You can buy up to 1 group. In addition, the B batch will sell 10 sets of special households by way of bidding, from the day of sale to the 15th of the next month, during which the daily bidding and bidding will be adopted for sale.

The first batch of units involved in the group involved 110 people, and the average price of the discount was about 16,497 yuan, including 40 groups of 1 bedroom units, 50 groups of 2 houses, and 20 groups of 3 houses. Pricing ranges from 5.8 million to 19.376 million. Developers offer up to 14% discount. The discounted price ranges from about 4.888 million to 16.66 million, and the discount price is about 13888 to 20140 yuan. Among them, 33 people have a discounted price of less than 6 million, and only 1 unit is within 5 million, of which 90 are less than 10 million. The unit has a market capitalization of about 900 million.

Prospective buyer, Miss Wang

Once in Maanshan, he is familiar with the area and plans to purchase 1 room, which is not for investment or for personal use. Due to the slower increase in rents, the rental income is not able to counter inflation, and a diversified investment strategy will be adopted in the future.