The property market is a short-term adjustment volatility 5% China Overseas Travel Weiguang: Tai Po Tianzhu season push

In an interview, Mr. Wai Wai-kwong, the managing director of China Overseas Real Estate, said that the new Pantianshan drill in Tai Po was pending approval for the pre-sale. It was approved in the current quarter and was immediately put on sale. The project was considered a “world" and could be absorbed. Various types of customers. As for the market conditions, he believes that the recent transaction is reduced, which is a short-term adjustment. The long-term property market remained stable, with property prices fluctuating by about 5%. Reporter: Luo Qijun

You Weiguang pointed out that the plate was built on the mountain, which is a low-density development involving 1620 gangs, with one to three units, and a small number of special households to cater for the needs of different buyers. The opportunity to be pre-sold in the fourth quarter of this year was immediately deployed. The pricing and sales plan will depend on the market conditions at the time of launch. The project is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2021.

According to You, the project is the largest residential project in the vicinity of the area in the past 25 years. It is expected to attract customers from all over the city, including the attention of branch families, boarders and changers, as well as certain investment needs.

Mainly one to three households

The layout of the pan-mountain position is surrounded by green woods, which will create a low-density dwelling that blends with nature, and the design will create a vast garden to match the surrounding environment, with a greening rate of 30%.

As for the bungalow project No. 3 of Feiyueshan Road, only five independent garden houses are provided. Youweiguang believes that Feiyue Mountain is a traditional luxury residential area and is positioned as a super mansion. It is expected to be launched in the first half of next year.

Feiyueshan project pushed in the first half of the year

The batch of bungalows covers an area of ​​3,000 to 4,000 square meters. It is divided into 4 bedrooms and 4 suites. The living room is 4.5 meters high. It has a sense of space. Each bungalow has an indoor elevator and direct access to the garage.

For the new disk surplus, You Weiguang pointed out that there are not many surplus goods in the group. Among them, the remaining 11 low-seat units in Kai Tak No. 1 are waiting for the house, which are all 4 houses; and there are only 6 groups in the mansion of No. 62 Haitang Road, Shek Kip Mei; As for the southern area of ​​Ap Lei Chau. On the left bank there are only 3 groups for sale. The above projects are all sold in the current building bidding method. It is estimated that there is room for improvement in the list price.

In terms of market conditions, he believes that the government’s plan to sell land in the past few years has not changed the target of providing 18,000 gangs. The new supply figures for the next three to four years will be 93,000. Even if the new housing policy is announced, nine private residential sites will be converted into public housing development, but in four years, there will be no impact on potential new supply in the short term.

Even if the recent property market is affected by the stock market decline and the Sino-US trade war, it is only a short-term market adjustment. In the long run, it is expected that the property market in Hong Kong will maintain healthy development and the property price will fluctuate by about 5%.