New disk trading reversed

New disk trading reversed

The Sino-US trade war negotiations turned sharply in mid-May, which made the property market in Hong Kong more worrying. The developers also turned to be cautious. Buyers also took a wait-and-see attitude. The first half of this month, the first-hand transaction shrank significantly. It is expected that the price will be stable in the short term. situation.

The Sino-US trade situation has turned sharply and has had an impact on Hong Kong stocks. The HSI has plunged more than 2,000 points in just two weeks. The relatively lagging property market has taken the lead in shrinking trading. In the first half of May, the property market was still hot. With a number of new sales intelligence, the total number of transactions was nearly 2,000, but the transaction was reversed with the escalation of the trade. The first half of the month to yesterday (26th) was only recorded in the first-hand market. About 300 transactions were down, a sharp drop of 85% from the previous month.

Developers are cautious

The market is waiting to see the Sino-US trade war negotiation process, developers are not daring to launch large-scale projects, and buyers are also cautious. After all, the property market has accumulated nearly 10,000 first-hand units after the first four to five months of the market. For the past 10 years, the average annual turnover (1.5 million people) is nearly 70%. After the market has digested a large amount of purchasing power in the short term, now Take the opportunity to return.

The Sino-US trade war has not shown signs of easing, and developers will adjust the progress of the push, and then attack after the market has accumulated considerable purchasing power. As for the pricing of the new discs, I believe that in the short-term and medium-term supply, there will still be a shortage of shortages. There will be no significant price hikes. It will only be the first batch of market prices, and even slightly lower to attract buyers’ attention. Therefore, in the future, the first-hand market will see a steady decline in prices.