10 Days Court 2 Days 7 Deal

10 Days Court 2 Days 7 Deal

In the 10 major housing estates, 7 transactions were recorded in two days, and the number of digits was recorded for two consecutive weeks, but the price still saw a new high. Ngau Tau Kok Amoy Garden 2 households of 7.935 million yuan, the price of 17,250 yuan, the price and the price of the price have reached a new high of four.

In the past Saturday and Sunday, 7 of the 10 major housing estates in Central Plains recorded a total of 7 transactions, up 40% on a weekly basis; 6 in the United States property, down 40% on a weekly basis; 8 in Lijiage real estate; 6 in Hong Kong property, by week It fell 25% (the four major agents have different housing estates).

Amoy 2 rooms 7.94 million change hands

The second-hand cost is often high, and Li Jiage Bao Yunzhong said that the second floor of Block R of Amoy Garden Phase 4 has a practical area of ​​460 square feet. The two rooms look at the mountain view. The unit was put on the market at 8 million yuan in February, and finally changed hands to 7.935 million yuan. The price is 17,250 yuan.

Loujinghu also created the ideal price, Room C, 12 high-rises, Haiyi Peninsula, Ap Lei Chau, with a saleable area of ​​630 square feet, and a set of 3 rooms with a view of the building. The head of the household was put on sale for 11.5 million yuan in mid-May, and finally the price was reduced. The price of the price is 18,254 yuan, creating a new high in the price of similar households and prices. In addition, the first second-hand transaction of Kai Delong’s reputation was recorded. Zhongyuan Chen Zhixin said that the high-rise F room of Block 2B was 860呎, with a price of RMB 26.8 million and a price of RMB 31,163.