Second-hand enlightenment

Second-hand enlightenment

In the past weekends, major estates were closed on Sundays. Some signals are worth noting. First, the entire secondary market has changed. The other is the weakening of trading in the housing estates.

Let me talk about the latter. The schedule is the transaction situation of the top ten housing estates in Central Plains on Saturday and Sunday. It is rare to see the two transactions in Sha Tin City and Kingswood Villas. It is necessary to know that there are more units in the two estates and more Covering a large number of boarding units, the bearing capacity is stronger than that of other mid-price housing estates. Tang Rong has checked the statistics of the Central Plains. Some weekends with prosperous transactions, such as the two housing estates in April this year, can reach 6 or 7 transaction. If there has been a double-double transaction, it will be traced back to the traditional off-season of the long holiday at the end of last year.

The impact of the trade, the new homes attracting passengers

One of the interpretations of the Central Plains is the effect of HOS flats. The table shows that the top ten estates recorded 7 transactions this weekend, which rose by 40% on a weekly basis. However, the transaction volume is still low and the zero-turn housing estates are reduced to 3. The Hong Kong Garden, Sha Tin Town One and Kingswood Villas have all recorded one transaction. Sino-US trade frictions continue, which has a certain psychological impact on buyers. Fortunately, the market is gradually digesting relevant news, which has made the second-hand trading in recent days turn stable. On the other hand, the new HOS flats have attracted a large number of passengers on board and dilute the purchasing power of the secondary market.

However, the other two estate agents, the Midland Real Estate, still recorded one case in the Kingswood Villas and the Li Ka Court Property recorded a second-hand transaction in the first city of Sha Tin. In other words, the two estates may not be fully frozen. . This round of HOS cut-off subscription is June 12, and whether the next two weekends will continue to be quiet, it is worth paying attention to. When the deadline is reached, everyone finds that hundreds of thousands of people have lost their contracts and will return to second-hand after despair. The market is also a concern.

The second data is that the top ten housing estates still maintain the number of flats. The transaction volume of the four estate agents has not returned to the double digits of ten or more. The property market is still subject to the weakening of investment caused by the Sino-US trade war. In the atmosphere. Li Jiage report pointed out that the current market conditions have not changed much, and the market focus has been focused on the changes in the trade war. However, the overall market has no panic. The parties are only waiting to see the changes. Most of the owners are still hard and the price is not significantly reduced. On the contrary, the buyer slightly slowed down and slowly saw the owner. Therefore, as Tang Rong mentioned in the past, the second-hand market has to wait for the weekend’s top ten housing estates to rise to 10 or above levels on the weekend, before they can judge the second-hand out of the quiet city.

Wait and see, the price is stable, and the price is steady.

The third item is that the price is still hard. There are no major factors forcing the owners to reduce the price. It is estimated that some new highs or some partial price cuts will coexist. The Midland Property Report considers that the general industry has a strong capacity to host cargo. Some high-quality properties are still recording “new high prices”. It is expected that property prices will be hard and net, but subject to a soft market atmosphere, it is expected that the price will fall or maintain for some time. . Hong Kong Real Estate mentioned that the trade wars have overshadowed favorable factors such as low interest rates and low supply, and the wait-and-see atmosphere is getting stronger. It is expected that the rebound in property prices in the second quarter will be weakened.

Tang Rong estimates that the overall transaction is weak, the trading volume of the boarding house is weaker, the new high price is renewed and there are cases of slight decline. It will be a short-term second-hand pattern. If the stock market continues to fall more and more, the second-hand property price will be adjusted downward. The pressure will increase.