MegaBox 1% Off The first $1 gaming product

MegaBox 1% Off The first $1 gaming product

MegaBox held the “MegaBox 1% Chess Anniversary" on yesterday and June 9th, and launched more than 1,000 items for sale at a discount of 1%. During the period, the shopping malls will also hold “Spiritual Shopping Promotion Offers" in conjunction with merchants. It is expected that the flow of people and turnover in May will increase by about 8% to 10%.

The MegaBox 1% excitement thanks to the opening ceremony, and the MegaBox 1% excitement shopping day attracts more than a thousand customers waiting for shopping. A total of 550 items were sold at 1%, 30% or 1%, including fashion home and supplies, electronics, apparel, entertainment and food. This year, for the first time, we have added “HK$1 E-sports Featured Products", including e-sports seats, e-sports keyboards, and e-sports headsets.

It is reported that Mr. Liu, who ranked first in the event, began to queue up at 2 pm on Friday. After waiting for about 45 hours, I finally bought a 3-seat electric double-elastic hinged comb with an original price of 11,999 yuan at a discount of 1% (1,199.9 yuan).

The top public 1199 yuan to buy leather comb

MegaBox will also hold the second day of the MegaBox 1 fold on June 9th. There will be 518 items sold at 1%, 30% and 1%, including: IKEA bed frame, Good Idea Italian leather comb, silk Trampoline B, Bruno uncovering grill oven, etc.

At the same time, from now until June 9th, there are also shopping incentives for shops in the mall. Dozens of shops will offer over 10,000 items at a discounted price, some as low as 30% off.