Xiying Pan old building Shen Qiang shot or battle

Xiying Pan old building Shen Qiang shot or battle

There is less supply of quality in the urban area. The developer has acquired the old building to increase the land reserve. Yujing Xingye has applied for the property of the Xiying Pan Lihong Building. The property valuation is over 220 million yuan, but the building has over 10% of the property. Held by a related person in the New World (00017), or a battle for a battle.

Yujing Xingye holds 85.7% of the title

In recent years, Yujing Xingye, which has provided a lot of mini-rental rentals, recently applied for a strong shot on the Lihong Building, No.133-134, Connaught Road West, Sai Ying Pun. The building has a total of 85.7% of its ownership held by its three companies. According to the Land Registry, most of the flats were purchased as early as 2012. The project has been repeatedly issued with unauthorised building orders in the past. In early 2015, it was reported that the small flats were rented out in the name of “serviced dwellings". In August of the same year, the relevant offences were abolished by the Buildings Department. There are still building breaches in the shops.

The project is a single-storey ten-storey building with two floors, two paved floors, and the remaining floors are residential units with only two shared stairs. At present, the floor shops and residential floors held by the applicants are all separated and leased. The monthly rental income is about 297,000 yuan.

The new world accounts for 11% of the total value of more than 220 million

The remaining 5 residential units in the property belong to the decentralized title and involve three groups of small owners, but four of them are held by Qintong Co., Ltd. and Risheng Co., Ltd., and the registered directors of the company are Huang Zhiwen and Yang Yuchang, which are related to the development of the New World. People, the ownership is about 11.4%. It shows that the case actually involves two major consortiums, which means that there will be a chance to break out in the future.

The project is 60 years old and only 5 minutes walk from Xiyingpan Railway Station. The school network is ideal and has certain reconstruction potential. The site area is about 2,823.5 square feet. It is classified as residential Class A. If the plot ratio is up to 9 times It has the potential to rebuild a small commercial or serviced residence of approximately 25,000 square feet of floor space. Based on the unreconstructed valuation of the property exceeding RMB 220 million, the floor price is approximately RMB 8,981.

There are many new projects in the same district, mainly for small and medium-sized households. The reference is for sale at the end of 2017. The first batch of discounted prices was 24,000 to 36,000 yuan. At the end of last year, an open-type household sold for 46,000 yuan. Hong Kong’s open-end households have a new high, and they have rented between 62 and 104 yuan. Another new disc yifangfang ‧1 new unit has a price of 28,000 to 34,000 yuan.