Beisha Bay second-hand shrinkdown in the previous quarter fell 5 percent

The overall market to single-handedly, second-hand trading continued to shrink, to Pok Fu Lam Bei Bay, for example, the first quarter recorded a total of 19 transactions, quarter by nearly 5 percent.

2 characteristics of the family easy to change the house price significantly

According to information provided by Ricardo Properties, Beisha Bay in the third quarter of the performance is very bad, the season only 19 transactions recorded, compared with 37 in the second quarter, a substantial reduction of 49%, while the volume is from 2016 Since the third quarter, the weakest trading volume of a quarter, is the last five quarters in the only 30 cases. On the other hand, as a result of the fact that the estate has been recorded in duplicate and houses, the turnover of the two special households has reached 498 million yuan, accounting for nearly 45% of the total turnover. Therefore, the total turnover of the whole house, Pushed up to 11.16 billion yuan.

As for the average price of housing estates, the significant increase was due to the above two special accounts, which rose sharply from $ 29,706 in the second quarter to $ 37,703 in the third quarter, up by $ 27,997, The

In fact, the housing estates have been admitted for two consecutive quarters, but in the case of selling one less one, with the top of the mountain, the southern part of the bungalow cost more than 10 million square feet, so Bei Sha Bay house relatively backward situation , The phenomenon of jump in addition to stratified outdoor, the house is more obvious. The 3-storey single house, for example, has a usable area of ​​3,953 square feet and is priced at $ 350 million. The practical price is $ 88,540 per square foot, compared with the other two flats in Phase 5, with a usable area of ​​3,602 sq ft Sold at $ 205 million, $ 56,913 for the foot at $ 31,627 and $ 56 per foot.

All season 68 leasing 4 room tenure strong

As for the rental market, Bei Sha Bay in the summer peak season trading was booming, the whole quarter recorded 68 cases, from the past 3 households accounted for more than 5 percent ratio, reduced to 2,3 room turnover close to 23 and 28 And the proportion of 2 rooms rose to 34%, 3 rooms fell to 41% level, the other hand, 4 room tenure strong, recorded 13 cases, 1.6 times higher than the second quarter.

The United States has delayed the rate hike timetable and the owner of the Baya Bay landlord, because the housing market is not hot, but also did not dare to increase the price, at the same time, the summer vacation for the summer vacation. After the peak period, no new buyers actively enter the market, I believe the fourth quarter of the housing turnover will not suddenly surged, with the same area is not driven by a new disk, is expected to have no breakthrough , Only about 20 years or so wandering, as for the overall housing price of foot, it is estimated that 5% of the moderate increase, and her personal air 4 large housing, and the characteristics of households cost, there are opportunities for jumping 1 percent.