Hengxi West Central Building Shen Qiang worth 422 million

(00012) to apply for 20 years of the West Ring Road Industrial Building, apply for a strong shot, now holds 88% of the property, the property valuation of about 423 million yuan, it is estimated that the resumption of commercial and residential development of.

Since its opening in 1997, Henderson has started the construction of the Tiancheng Industrial Building in Hokkaido Street, West Village. The 13-storey building is composed of 12-storey building and 1-storey building. The building is about 46 years old and the Group currently holds property About 88.46% of the title, the remaining 4 floor front and 7th floor has not yet acquired, so apply for a strong remake for the group this year, the first six strong shot application.

Adjacent to the new site organic merger

The property covers an area of ​​about 6,417.6 square feet and is intended for the purpose of “residential (Class A)" planning, which is an old lease and development elasticity. It is estimated that it will be redeveloped for commercial and residential development in the future. It is estimated that about 57,700 square feet Estimated at about $ 423 million, about $ 7,332 per square foot of land. It is expected to be independently reconstructed into a building with a floor height of about 40 buildings.

The project is adjacent to the building, covering an area of ​​about 8,822 square feet. Last year, the new land (00016) through the strong uniforms, does not rule out the two developers have the opportunity to merge the two sites, is expected to be built to be increased to about 180,000 square feet, if each team an average of 500 square feet, expected to provide about 350 to 400 partners.

In fact, the above application is the first 12 applications for this year, which is doubling in the same period of the same period, accounting for half of the total (6 cases) and surpassing the application level of 11 cases last year.

According to the analysis, the acquisition of old buildings this year is more active. Apart from the increase in land premium, the developers will complement the land reserve and attract some of the developers and investors who have not been actively involved in the past. To participate in the development of the property, It is estimated that there will be more than 15 levels of applications for the whole year of this year.