Lv Zhihe: There are so many places in Hong Kong.

The super typhoon mangroves came last month. Hong Kong was fortunate that no one was killed. Lv Zhihe lamented the “World Civilization Award" named after him yesterday. Many people have been working hard to develop an early warning mechanism. The tragic situation caused by Wenyu in 62 years has not been repeated.

It is said that the early warning mechanism is good.

He smiled and recalled that when Miss Wendy was attacked in Hong Kong, even the big cruise ship was rushed to the Western Ring. The current wind speed of the Mangosteen Center was more than 200 kilometers, so it was necessary to make an early warning, no major damage, and reduce losses. Not bad. Inspecting the information, Wen Yu took away 183 lives, and destroyed as many as 2,089 ships, 36 of which were ships, one of which was stranded in Qingzhou, Xihuan.

The World Meteorological Organization, which won the “Human Welfare Award" yesterday, is setting standards for 191 members and monitoring policy implementation to improve global surveillance, forecasting and communication for various meteorological disasters. Hans won the “Continuous Development Award". Joseph. In 1994, Fair founded the world’s first solar power cooperative, changed the renewable energy market, and later succeeded in getting the German Parliament to pass the Renewable Energy Act. The bill was borrowed more than 100 times.

The winner of the “Positive Energy Award", the Bolelin Education Foundation, is from India and is committed to improving the quality and level of teaching. It helps 1 million children get basic literacy skills every year.

Lv Zhihe and his assistants repeated the issue of journalists, but the spirit was quite good, and they were more responsive to financial issues. As the chairman of K. Wah International, he pointed out that there are many places in Hong Kong that point out that “there are many places where you don’t believe". “There are many green areas, brown fields and farmland systems. How many fish and dolphins really need to be saved first?" Or do you save yourself first?" He said that reclamation can provide a lot of land. Cannes is a “garbage". Now he has lived a lot of people and asked “why don’t you do it."

The government has a lot of hot tricks.

It is asked whether the interest rate increase will affect the price of Hong Kong. He said that the public can afford to buy it because “buy bricks is property". However, he does not support the public to buy flats for speculation. “It means that the peppers are all out, and it is so hot that you jump."

He also mentioned that the Sino-US trade war has had a great impact on Hong Kong and the special mainland. He believes that the trade war is not beneficial to everyone. He hopes that “the big guys will listen to small voices and harmony, and do good things for the world economy and the people of the world."